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A funny thing happened in our Altcoin Buzz Access Telegram group. Someone was bullish on a project, Project X, and seeing the symbol for the token they went out and bought. It turns out they bought the wrong token. Don’t let this happen to you. So to prevent you from making this mistake, today we are going to compare two tokens that use the same symbol: LINK.

So that’s why we have LINK v LINK. I know, it sounds stupid, but all it takes is being in a little bit of a hurry and you could easily make this mistake yourself. By the way, click that link above if you want all our best up-to-the-minute research and personal attention from us here at Altcoin Buzz by joining AB Access.

Description of the Two LINKS

First, we have Chainlink. Chainlink is the largest oracle in the cryptoeconomy. Oracles are vital for smart contracts as they are the connection between the contract and real-time data like prices or weather temperatures. Think about it for a second, if a DeFi smart contract is a completely closed-loop, then how can it know how much of a loan should be issued against this collateral? Or when a collateral call means the contract has to reverse itself and liquidate? The answer is with price data on the collateral itself and Chainlink provides that data.

Then second, we have Line Blockchain. Line is a subsidiary of a large South Korean company. That company is Naver, a huge search engine. Not surprisingly, they have an Asian focus in their business. The Line Blockchain allows businesses to create apps and they even have a CBDC platform. That’s where governments can use their chain to issue Central Bank Digital Currencies. Some of the apps currently on Line’s chain are:

  1. Bitfront. A crypto exchange
  2. Line Pay. One of Japan’s biggest payments apps
  3. League of Kingdoms. The game has a version just for Line Blockchain users
  4. aFan. A creator/social media site

So you can see that there are many different types of apps and uses for the Line chain.

And you can also see that the two are VERY different. One has its own ecosystem and one provides a vital piece to all smart contract platforms.

The Numbers of the Two LINKs

Instead of listing the differences one by one, here’s a chart that covers the basics. Interestingly, I think most people haven’t heard of Line, yet they are a $1 billion market cap project.

Chainlink Line Blockchain
Project Name Chainlink Line Blockchain
Token Name LINK LINK
Token Symbol $LINK $LN
Market Cap (USD) $9.7 Billion $1.1 Billion
Market Value Rank 19 101
Price $21 $199
Total Supply 1 billion 6,045,959
Circulating Supply 467 million 5,976,012
Circulating Supply % 46.70% 98.84%
All-Time High $52.70 $345.88
All-Time Low $0.15 $1.05
# of Exchanges Available Almost ALL 3 or 4 Asian based
Primary Use Case Data Oracle Blockchain & Ecosystem
ROI Last 30 Days -21.70% -26.60%
Source: Coingecko

A couple of other interesting differences to note are:

  • Line has both a much smaller supply, and they’ve issued more of it. They have issued 98% of their total supply. That has to be in the top 1% of all crypto projects. Even Bitcoin is only at 90%.
  • Both are in the top 101 but Chainlink is much better known as the #19 coin
  • Both have lost around half their value from their all-time highs although Chainlink has lost more value off its ATH of $52.70 than Line has.
Two LINKs Price Activity

Chainlink’s LINK $LINK is trading ~$21 with a trading volume of $919 million on a circulating supply of 467 million.

Line Blockchain’s Link $LN is trading at $198 each. Line has a trading volume $9.6 million of and a circulating supply of 5.9 million coins.

Line’s $LN is available mostly on Asian exchanges Bitfront and Bithumb, while Chainlink is available on almost every exchange today. That’s one other difference between them.

So next time you are ready to make a buy, do a quick double-check to be sure you are buying the right project token.

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