B26 Finance - Highway to Financial Freedom With Self-Banking

B26 Finance, the first private self-banking service driven by blockchain technology, promises to deliver the ultimate trustless banking experience. What caught our attention is that B26 is not a bank, but it facilitates self-banking with a new kind of DeFi experience. The three main pillars of the B26 DeFi protocol are staking, farming, and the non-custodial wallet. By staking, B26 users enjoy a new kind of saving service, and by farming, the users can earn rewards for providing liquidity. Additionally, they enjoy self-banking services by using the non-custodial wallet offered by B26.

In a very short duration, the B26 token surged to its all-time high of $530. Primarily because the B26 supply is limited to 26,000 with no minting function and the staking rewards go as high as 780%. To protect the community’s interest, the team decided to lock all non-circulating B26 tokens through different smart contracts. This includes the team tokens, development and marketing funds, staking rewards, and farming tokens. Additionally, token locking strengthens the project’s position in the industry as a rug-proof project.

Extraordinary Staking Rewards are Live!

B26 Finance is working out a way to provide users a path to their financial freedom. To achieve this, it has come out with three different staking programs for token holders of every type. According to the official blog, the supply of 12,000 B26 tokens have been shared between the three staking plans.

Plan type B26 Staking amount Locking Period Weekly Percentage Yield (WPY)
Fire your Boss 2000 7 days 5%
Get your Lambo 4000 30 days 8%
Get your Financial Freedom 6000 90 days 15%

With a very simple process, one can start staking the tokens and earn between 260% and 780% APY!

Revolutionizing Banking – B26 Product Suite

Staking is one of the spotlight products of the B26 platform. It provides users a new kind of flexible saving service. However, it does not end here as the team is developing an entire suite of products to disrupt traditional banking.


The Uniswap liquidity providers will develop ETH/B26 pairs. Using this, it will allow Liquidity Providers to farm the Uniswap Pool tokens (LP tokens). The earnings will be determined based on the percentage of their shares in the pool.

Mobile Self-Banking

The B26 Self-Banking app will allow users to receive, store, send, and spend their USDC across the globe. Additionally, it is a non-custodial wallet that never takes control of the user’s funds. As a result, while using the app, users will never lose the power of control over their funds.

Self-Banking Card

The team has already started a Research and Development project to build an unique B26 Debit card. According to the official blog, the card will work on networks like VISA and Mastercard. Furthermore, it will help unleash the full potential of decentralized finance (DeFi). To strengthen the position of the card in the industry, the project might partner with Circle, Binance, or Coinbase.

B26 Governance

The team is working on building a fully decentralized governance platform for the governance and utility token, B26. Basically, this will help the team, community contributors, and B26 token holders build a cordial relationship. Along with that, the governance platform will be used to make decisions for the products and their life cycle by community voting.


The project is founded by J.Calmettes, who is registered with the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission. Calmettes began his professional career in 1992 and, since then, has held leadership positions with some of the biggest organizations.

Amazing Roadmap for 2021

Within a very short span of time, the project launched its staking feature, and the price of the token skyrocketed. In 2021, the development team will be working aggressively to deliver the following products to the users:

Q1 2021

• Specifications of Mobile Self-Banking will be released
• UI of the Mobile Self-Banking app

Q2 2021

• Farming Launch
• Governance UI Design

Q3 2021
• Mobile Self-Banking iOS – Beta
• Mobile Self-Banking iOS – V1

Q4 2021

  • Mobile Self-Banking Android – Beta and V1
  • Governance Launch
  • R&D Step 1 – Card
  • R&D Step 2 – Design Card
B26 price

In the last 24 hours, the B26 token price is up by over 5%. At the time of press, it is trading closer to $300. Moreover, with the token being available on Uniswap, it is already exposed to a huge user base and promises the massive potential of price growth in the near future.

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