Terra USD (UST) Coming to Aave

It’s rare when we talk about a new coin listing on Altcoin Buzz. Many projects are just too new, with too little information to make a judgment on their quality. But Terra and its LUNA and stablecoin UST are everywhere. And now Americans can finally access it easily on Binance.US.

What is Binance.US?

Binance.US is the US carveout of big, global Binance. It’s far more limited. Instead of over 350 coins available, there are only about 40 on Binance.US. And no options, futures, launchpads or any services the SEC does not approve of for Americans. So it’s a VERY light version of Binance.

So that’s what makes it a surprise that they are offering UST.

US Access

Right now, the only exchange where you can get native UST is Kraken. And they have a $10,000 limit every 7 days on ACH transactions.

Coinbase offers it, but only the ERC-20 version.

There’s an on-ramp called Kado that’s convenient but it’s new.

Americans are often forced to buy ATOM or some other coin and swap it elsewhere for LUNA or UST. That means more transaction fees and possible slippage too.

So it’s a revelation for Americans to finally get access to the biggest algorithmic stablecoin, UST. That and direct access to one of the best DeFi ecosystems in crypto. The Terra ecosystem supports:

  • Anchor for savings
  • Edge for lending
  • Mirror for investing
  • Stader and Lido for liquid staking
  • and more.

You’d think a popular and growing ecosystem like Terra, and the most lucrative market for investing, the US, would have lots of options. Including options to swap dollars directly for Terra. And you’d be wrong. Whether it’s regulation or otherwise, there just aren’t many options. Kraken is the only one offering native UST on the Terra chain.

We think it’s great that our American readers now have at least one more option to get into one of the best blockchains we know.

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