HPB is a truly decentralized blockchain project has a lot of potential in my opinion; great team and partners

This report contains High Performance Blockchain (HPB)-related information related to updates, releases, partnerships, price factors, and upcoming or past events. Links to TA and more in-depth articles will be added if that’s the case. 

What is HPB?

It’s high throughput, low latency, and a truly decentralized blockchain that offers high standards of both hardware and software security. The hardware offers scalability not only to its own blockchain but to others as well.

HPB blockchain uses a Proof of Performance (PoP) consensus algorithm and various Virtual Machines (VM) through the General Virtual Machine Mechanism (GVM).

Team and Partners

HPB Team is made up of 60 highly specialized people from various backgrounds. It includes members from HUAWEI, UnionPay, Alibaba, IBM, Deloitte, ICBC, and McKinsey & Company.

As for partnerships, it has more than 70. Some of them include NEO, DLT LAB, CV LABS, SME FINANCE, IFC, UnionPay, LAYA ONE.

This truly decentralized blockchain project has a lot of potential in my opinion; great team and partners. We should keep an eye on it.

Latest Updates
Past Events
  • HPB and ICON meetup at Iconloop on August 29.

There is not much price action with HPB, however, I believe it’s at a bottom. The current price looks like a good opportunity at the moment, but we have to consider it can go down a little (it’s up to BTC, to be honest). I will keep this article updated. – keep in mind that this is not financial advice, therefore I am not responsible for any loss. Please do your own due diligence before investing in anything.

Recent Partnerships

HPB has partnered with chainlink on August 27.

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