Top 5 Low Market Cap Altcoins in August 2020

Bitcoin overcame a critical price juncture and Ethereum is heading towards a major upgrade. Meanwhile, there is a lot of excitement around projects like Quant Network, Cardano, ChainLink, and more. But, there are some lesser-known altcoins that have great growth potential which we think are undervalued right now.

There is plenty of analysis out there suggesting this is one of the best times to invest in altcoins. A couple of days ago we published our Top 8 Micro-Cap Altcoins Review. According to our analysis, had you invested $100 in each of the 8 altcoins on April 9, by July 29, the $800 investment would have yielded you $4753. However, if you would have waited till August 11, the same investment would have earned you $7578! These indeed turned out to be some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. 

While we still believe that most of those cryptocurrencies have great things ahead, we now have our sights on other altcoins that have not yet had such exponential gains but which may be primed for them.

There are many low market-cap altcoins out there with promising potential. These projects are featured in our altcoin news section on our Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel on a regular basis. In this article, we are going to cast a spotlight on the next batch of low cap altcoins which we think have great potential moving forward.

Some of the parameters we use to assess these low market cap coins include technology, products, use cases, partnerships, and development activity. Our team is also constantly communicating with the team members of many of these altcoin projects in order to be better informed about them.

Top 5 altcoins with high growth potential
  1. xDai Stake  – STAKE

xDai Chain, a fast, private, and low fixed fee payment blockchain is also the first-ever USD-stable blockchain. It uses a dual token model. Consequently, xDai, the stable coin is used for payments, and the STAKE token supports the consensus. 

While xDai’s core architecture is a mirror image of Ethereum 1.0, its consensus mechanism is different. It has transitioned from Proof of Authority to a Proof of Stake Decentralized Autonomous Organization (POSDAO). xDAI has become capable of generating and governing an unlimited number of side chains. This enables horizontal scaling and provides an immediate solution to Ethereum’s payment adoption problem. 

Since August 1, xDAI STAKE has performed very well. Its price has increased by 42.71%.

Market-cap (Aug 12, 2020) – $9,712,906
CoinGecko Ranking (Aug 12, 2020) – #357
Development activity ranking – #485

xDai Capabilities
xDAI stable chain supports fast transaction times of 5 seconds. That means it can process 70 transactions per second for just a fraction of a cent. Furthermore, each side-chain running under POSDAO can be fixed to run different currencies like the EURO or any other fiat or altcoins. 

These capabilities make xDAI a very unique project that is specially designed for cheap and fast payments. 

Major updates for xDAI
Recently, xDAI (STAKE) launched Easy Staking and within 2 days over 1M USD value was staked in the protocol. The decentralized staking program was audited by Quantstamp. Impressively, xDai partnered with Elrond to build an interoperability solution. This solution will also support cross-chain communication between Elrond and Ethereum. Apart from all these developments, xDAI is participating in a Reddit Bakeoff and is adding more tools to its ecosystem.

  1. NOIA Network – NOIA 

As a plug-and-play solution for enterprise networking needs, NOIA Network is designed to solve issues around internet reliability, security, and scalability. It provides a platform for ISPs, individual infrastructure providers, and Data Centers to connect to a distributed ledger. With this connectivity, they can build a Software Defined Network on the public internet where they can sell their infrastructure. Thus NOIA Platform is the world’s First Programmable Internet Backbone As a Service.

It deploys a Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol that optimizes the network paths. Thus with NOIA, users can bypass traffic congestions. With end-to-end encrypted connections, the network maintains maximum security and anonymity. Moreover, it allows users access to analytics like network visibility and control from a single software stack. 

Market-Cap (Aug 12, 2020) – $30,506,053
CoinGecko Ranking (Aug 12, 2020) – #222
Development activity rank- #278

Major updates for NOIA
In July, NOIA network joined the Startup with IBM program as a premium startup. By joining the program, NOIA became eligible for $120k in cloud credits. Furthermore, they were able to further expand their global infrastructure by adding 15 high capacity nodes from IBM. 

NOIA’s autonomous network path optimization protocol DARP underwent major improvements recently. This strongly indicates that the development team is aggressively working towards enhancements.

Recently, it joined the Oracle Partner Network and gained access to over 25 million cloud users. After partnerships with major cloud providers like Oracle and Microsoft, it can now scale the protocol from a dozen to over 100 nodes. 

As a member of Oracle Network Partner, the NOIA development team will gain direct access to the Oracle engineering team. Thus the adoption is not far away.

  1. Safe Haven – SHA

Safe Haven has been working hard to build DeFi digital inheritance, asset distribution, and asset control solutions. Finally, the hard work of the last 3 years as its digital inheritance platform, Inheriti is ready to go live. To build an inheritance plan, the user requires:

  • SHA tokens to use as gas
  • SafeKeyU2F to store the encrypted assets.

At the moment, owners of digital assets have no access to inheritance solutions. But Safe Haven will change that. 

Apart from Inheriti, Safe Haven has 9 more products in its ecosystem. These are ThorPay, SafeKey, Trust Alliance Network, Safe ID, Masternodes, and more. Most importantly, all these products use SHA that renders plenty of utility for this altcoin.

Safe Haven’s recent performance has been impressive enough and made it to our top altcoin news on the portal.

MarketCap (12 Aug 2020) – $16,048,318
CoinGecko Ranking (12 Aug 2020) – #295
Development activity ranking – N/A

Major updates for Safe Haven
After a very successful Inheriti beta-testing, the complete version is being tested by the Safe Haven founders. Post that, the development team and beta testers will test the complete version. 

While the development team is laser-focused on Inheriti, Safe Haven has entered one of the most difficult markets. Emirex, the leading liquidity provider with 83000 registered users has recently listed SHA. Safe Haven and Emirex have undergone a multiphase partnership. This active partnership will give users a one-stop-shop for SafeKey and Inheriti.

The low cap altcoin was recently listed on AI-powered Digital asset exchange, OceanEX. Apart from that it also launched an SHA crypto farm on OceanEX where participants can earn 24% APR.

  1. Fuse Network – FUSE 

The Fuse Network is building an open-source payment solution that can prove to be a better alternative than cash. This kind of set-up will have low entry barriers and will connect users to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Thus it holds the potential to turn communities into thriving economies. 

It focuses on enabling secure and frictionless mobile payments within companies and communities. Furthermore, moving money on Fuse will be a low-cost affair. The users would be able to make transactions with a maximum fee of 1 cent($0.01). 

Moreover, the communities and companies will be able to build their own wallets and mint branded currencies. All this will be achievable with simple plug and play solutions. 

MarketCap ( 12 Aug 2020 ) – N/A
CoinGecko Ranking ( 12 Aug 2020 ) – N/A
Development Activity Ranking – N/A

Major updates for Fuse
In February 2020, the team released a new Fuse wallet. The wallet is interoperable with other wallets so that users can have better control of their funds. Every new user on the Fuse wallet gets up to 100 DAI points. These are worth 1 DAI. 

Fuse Studio, which makes community launch possible, received some major upgrades recently. Using Fuse Studio, one can create a P2P marketplace, issue a community currency, or create a loyalty wallet. The studio comes with improved usability features and plans to introduce token swap features for higher on-chain liquidity.

Apart from this Fuse network protocol is being used by Wikibank to deliver cash in times of COVID-19. Recently, it announced a partnership with Rupiah Token, the number one stable coin in Indonesia.  And now the South African Digital Rand will also launch on Fuse very soon.

  1. StormX – STMX 

As a micro-tasking platform StormX recently announced a token swap and app rebrand. These events triggered the community momentum. StormX allows users to participate in short surveys, watch videos, try new products, and more such micro-tasks to earn the STMX token.

Users can win crypto rewards in over 500 stores like Uber, Target, eBay, Samsung, Walmart, and Gamestop. The users can earn up to 87.5% crypto back. StormX made it to our altcoin news portal last week for its impressive performance.

MarketCap ( 12 Aug 2020 ) – $24,989,739
CoinGecko Ranking ( 12 Aug 2020 ) – #247
Development activity rank- #302

Major updates for StormX
On 14 Aug, StormX will be launching its biggest store to date. It launched Disney, Pacsun, and Carhartt on Aug 13. Apart from that, it has an exciting roadmap planned for 2020 that focuses more on staking and DeFi. In July, STMX entered the US markets as it got listed on Voyager. With this massive move, the US markets are now open for STMX. US users can easily buy STMX and upgrade their reward levels. Furthermore, STMX also got listed on the leading exchange Kyber Network. 

Recently, StormX added GoPro and Nike to its store list. The platform users can get 5% crypto back in the GoPro store and 6% crypto back in the Nike store. Other stores added in the month of August were American Eagle, Macy’s, and Staples.

Final takeaway

These low market-cap projects have exhibited impressive price performance in the last couple of months. Moreover, this price action is clearly driven by development activities, partnerships, and market acquisitions. 

These projects have rolled out products, have a noticeable community and most importantly they are focused on solving real-world challenges. While these projects are yet to acquire substantial market caps and attention, we believe they deserve the attention we are giving them. 

Now comes the moment of truth: 

Had you purchased $100 of every low market cap altcoin we recommended from this list on Aug 1 (when we published the video about these coins), it would have cost you $500. By now the $500 investment would have earned you $644. That means you could have made a profit of 28.9% in the last 10 days.

Altcoin Buzz keeps a close watch on projects that hold massive potential. Do let us know about the projects you think are noteworthy.   

The article has been co-authored by Shash and Frank


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