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Data is one of the most crucial components of any business, organization, or industry. A correct and consolidated set of data gives you information that helps in making personal and business decisions, discovering meaningful insight, as well as imparting knowledge. The presented data needs to be complete, error-free, timeless, and serve your purpose. Otherwise, it will lose its value if you cannot turn such data into taking accurate action. In other words, we can say that data has the capability to unlock many hidden opportunities that cannot be overlooked.

Thus, one cannot deny the importance of complete and correct data in anyone’s life. It becomes more important if it is related to your finances or investments and has the ability to make or break your portfolio, especially in an extremely volatile crypto environment.

If you are an experienced crypto trader or investor, then you must have an idea of what information you need before investing, and of which platform will help you in providing that information. But what about novice users? How they will get to know which site to hit to get their doubts cleared, or the information that they are receiving is complete and there is nothing outside it that can lead them to any financial loss?

Thus, after encountering and identifying these issues that every user is facing while investing, we present to you a platform that will provide you all the necessary information in a single interface.

About Trodl

Trodl is the next-generation crypto information platform connecting the world with the future of finance. It is the first fully interactive crypto information platform designed to be your gateway to the crypto world.

Trodl revolves around the idea of “communities” where each crypto asset has its community that provides access to every important facet of crypto information you will ever need. Yes, you heard it right. Everything you need from prices to news, charts, technical indicators, whale alerts, upcoming events, and the ability to chat with fellow community members will be on a single website. Trodl communities are powered by their native tokens. You can tip content that you like and use SATS in the Bitcoin community as a tipping currency. Sounds interesting, right?

Apart from being an all-in-one crypto information platform, Trodl also allows its users to connect with seasoned crypto traders, consume accurate and verifiable crypto content backed by reputation, and discover and purchase trading signals from seasoned crypto traders without leaving the platform.

Challenges With Scattered Data

 Today, more than 7,000 crypto assets are in existence, and hundreds of new projects are entering the market every week. You can easily find information about all these new tokens and projects from many different sites available on the internet. Experienced crypto users can easily gather the necessary data by visiting these sites and decide whether or not they should take part in the investment within the stipulated time. However, this process is way too difficult if you are a new crypto user. The scattered crypto information and lack of interactive crypto information platforms are proving to be a major entry barrier for crypto mass adoption.

Some of the biggest challenges faced by the crypto community today are:

  • Scattered crypto information
  • Non-interactive platforms
  • Outdated user experience
  • Lack of community inclusion
  • Lack of inbuilt communication tools
  • Censorship and lack of incentive for crypto content creators
How Will Trodl Help You in Overcoming These Issues?

 The Trodl platform aims to provide a single interface where users can get consolidated data about any crypto assets ranging from the market summary, token price fluctuations, and news feeds to the dedicated crypto community all in a single website. The platform is designed with the motive to be a single common source of information that will help users in gaining insight quickly and lead to being a correct data-driven investment information provider.

With the view to provide all investment information on a single page, the Trodl homepage is divided into various areas that give information from different fields that could impact token price:

  • Spotlight
  • Upcoming Events
  • News Feed
  • Market Summary
  • Communities
  • Featured Coins
  • Suggested Users
  • Podcast
  • Token Information



The Trodl platform offers multiple benefits.

  • Dedicated asset community.
  • Chat service with fellow community members.
  • Contribute and monetize your content. Earn TRO for your valuable content.
  • Stake your TRO to become a validator. Earn TRO for accurate content validation and increase your reputation.
  • Strict content monitoring by community admins or validators.
  • Tip content that you like.
  • Stake your TRO to become a trader and create a price signal. Earn for accurate signals. However, if the price signal fails, the funds will be returned to the buyer and the seller is penalized.

The Trodl platform is also planning to introduce job listings and predictive market analysis in the near future.



How You Can Join Trodl

The Trodl platform categorizes the users mainly into three sections, each with different benefits and responsibilities:

  • User
  • Publisher
  • Trader


Social Presence

Connect with Trodl via any of the below media:






Through Trodl, the platform caters to the users with all the necessary investment data in a single interactive platform. The product’s design features the sole aim to provide complete and quick information to all crypto users. It is a revolutionary project backed up by strong and dedicated team members and mentored by various industry pioneers. The platform has already closed its beta testing and ready to launch its IDO. It already has 25,000+ users on the waitlist, and 200k+ users are ready to migrate. We hope to hear about your experiences with the platform.

Resources: Trodl Official Website

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