Support the blockchains that support the best token projects. This is one of the best money-making strategies in altcoins. Use this quick hack to get an idea of which blockchains are ripe for above-average returns.


Here is a great little hack that helps you figure out two things lots of altcoin traders want to know more about:

  1. Which new tokens are available to trade?
  2. Which blockchains are supporting these tokens?

And what is the hack?

It’s checking out the list of newly listed tokens on CoinMarketCap. Check out this screenshot I just took.

Today's Newest Tokens Listed on CoinMarketCap

Source: CoinMarketCap

What you can see here is that the next to last column shows which blockchain listed the token. The last column tells us how recently CoinMarketCap listed the token. So the most recent issued token, Doraemoninu, started trading 48 minutes ago on CoinMarketCap and already has $217,589 in trading volume.

Now, let’s look at the two strategies in more detail

Trading Strategy #1: Trade the New Tokens Before the Public Discovers Them

One thing we all know in crypto is that we deal with fragmented information. It can take time for information to become public and accepted. That’s even true about Bitcoin and Ethereum let alone a smaller, newer project.

For example, let’s look at project #7 on this list, Pitch Finance ($PFT). PFT is building a system where you can build or trade NFTs or other assets like coins and tokens across many different blockchains. If you think that this kind of cross-chain trading activity is going to be a big part of the future of the cryptoeconomy, then maybe you want to buy some $PFT at its current price of $.000004654.

You can find many new token projects like this just by checking this page on CoinMarketCap once or twice a week.

Trading Strategy #2: Learn Which Blockchains Support these Better Projects FAST

There’s a legendary story during the US Gold Rush of the mid-1800s. The story goes that those who made the most money were not the prospectors who struck gold, but those that sold the picks and shovels. These tools that everyone needed to prospect for gold made companies like Levi Strauss, the famous jeans maker, lots of money.

And we can do the same in the cryptoeconomy. Those selling the picks and shovels of the cryptoeconomy are the blockchains that are issuing tokens. Every time we send an ERC-20 token from one wallet to another, we have to have Ethereum in our account too. That pays for the gas. So it makes sense if you believe ETH is a big part of the future, then you should own some. Its value should grow if its number of profitable token projects grows.

Other blockchain issuers do this too. You need the base token to pay to use the network.

Do These New Token Projects Make for a Good Investment?

The above screenshot shows the eight newest token projects but if you looked at the top 20, what you would see is:

  • Seven listed on Ethereum
  • 11 listed on Binance Smart Chain
  • and one each listed on Polygon and Fantom

Does this mean BSC will be the most successful blockchain for issuing tokens in the future? No.

Does this mean Fantom will never have a chance to compete with Ethereum because they only have one listing? No

But these are good data points you can use when coming up with your strategy on how to trade. You can analyze trends. You can see how more tokens help a chain build network effects faster and greater adoption. Or maybe see that a blockchain has lots of tokens but those network effects DON’T happen. That’s good to know too.

There’s great information here about the fundamental health of these blockchains. It does not matter if you believe that one blockchain will rule them all or that there will be a multi-chain future.

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