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This report contains Tezos (XTZ)-related information related to updates, releases, partnerships, price factors, and upcoming or past events. Links to TA and more in-depth articles will be added if that’s the case. 

What is XTZ?

Tezos is pretty similar to Ethereum, but better in my opinion. It’s a delegated Proof Of Stake (PoS) blockchain that uses self-amendment to upgrade the protocol. Meaning, it can upgrade itself without having to fork in two separate blockchains. 

Regarding voting, all stakeholders can participate in governing the protocol.

XTZ offers a platform to create smart-contracts and build dApps. It’s good to know that the platform cannot be censored or taken down by third parties.

Is Tezos the Ethereum killer?

Well, it can do everything better, but ETH has incoming updates as well. ETH is older and more established within the space. Oh well..

Team and Partners

The Tezos foundation is made of 6 great people with a lot of experience in computer science and business. I think it has everything it needs to succeed in the space.

Latest Updates
Upcoming Events
Past Events
  • First-ever Eastern European hackathon (Kyiv, Ukraine) – September 6th

There is not much price action for September at the moment of writing this article, however, I don’t believe that XTZ will drop past 83 cents. Another factor to consider is what BTC does. Any updates regarding the price will be posted in this section.

Note: This is not financial advice. The reader should make his own due diligence before investing in anything.

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