Best 3 Centralized Exchanges for Aleph Zero

As an altcoin gem hunter, you would have heard about Aleph Zero before. It’s got its own native token, $AZERO. Today, $AZERO sits at a market cap of $239 million, with a ranking of #151. And it’s priced at only $1.05. The best way to get $AZERO is from Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

In this article, we’ll run through the best 3 CEXs for Aleph Zero and its $AZERO token. But first, let’s take a brief review of what is this new chain.

What is Aleph Zero?

What makes Aleph Zero so special? Firstly, it’s a Layer 1 platform for Decentralized Applications (dApps). Think Ethereum, but faster and more secure. Secondly, Aleph Zero uses the AlephBFT consensus mechanism. With AlephBFT, the network can operate smoothly even with 33% of its nodes being malicious.

Aleph Zero’s network also achieves instant finality. Simply put, transactions reach finality quickly and thus can’t be altered after. On top of that, AlephBFT enables Aleph Zero to achieve 40,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS). That’s much faster compared to Ethereum’s 12 TPS.

Lastly, Aleph Zero’s big on privacy too! It has plans to develop Liminal, a native multichain layer. Liminal will integrate Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs. Both of which will help bolster the privacy features of Liminal.

Now that we’ve given you a brief run-through on Aleph Zero, let’s look at the best CEXs for $AZERO!

CEX #1 – Kucoin

First of the best 3 CEXs for Aleph Zero is Kucoin. Kucoin isn’t a CEX for beginners to start with. It’s catered more to seasoned crypto traders and HODL’ers. That’s because it lists and supports many low to mid-cap altcoins.

Analyzing its pertinent data, Kucoin’s 24-hour trading volume is at $238 million. As of now, it supports 761 coins and 1,345 trading pairs. Naturally, $AZERO is also supported. To buy $AZERO, you can do so by trading its $AZERO/$USDT trading pair here.

In terms of trust, Kucoin does really well too. It’s got a 10/10 trust score awarded by CoinGecko. That’s a well-deserved score, since Kucoin has third-party audits for its assets held. In total, Kucoin has accounted for $2.6 billion of user’s funds in its care at the moment.

So, you’ve got all you need with Kucoin if you’re just starting to get some $AZERO. But, let’s not choose our CEX yet! Our next pick deserves a review too.


Next of the best 3 CEXs for Aleph Zero is MEXC. Similar to Kucoin, MEXC caters to the low and mid-cap altcoin hunters. This shows as MEXC supports trading for 1,586 coins and 2,225 trading pairs. For its 24-hour trading volume, it sits at $747 million as of time of writing. To get $AZERO on MEXC, you can buy it from its $AZERO/$USDT trading pair here.

MEXC has a good record of trust in the crypto community. So far, it has not undergone a major hack. Other CEXs, from the likes of Binance to Kucoin, have been hacked before. This is a testament to MEXC’s good security. To add on, MEXC releases its proof-of-reserves too. As of today, it secures $618 million of its user’s funds. With the above points, CoinGecko has given MEXC a good trust score of 8/10.

Moreover, MEXC doesn’t skimp on additional features for its users. Now, let’s segue to our last CEX pick for getting $AZERO tokens.

CEX #3 –

Last, but not least, of the best 3 CEXs for Aleph Zero is supports a ton of cryptos and trading pairs. Today, they support 1,690 coins and 2,969 trading pairs! That’s more than either Kucoin or MEXC. With so many trading pairs, it’s no wonder has a 24-hour trading volume of $351 million. Notably, supports $AZERO trading through its $AZERO/$USDT pair.

Best 3 CEXs for Aleph Zero -
Source: has a good trust score of 9/10 by CoinGecko. That’s a good indication that its trustworthy. One of the reasons why it has such a good score is because releases its Proof-of-Reserves. You can view it from this link, which shows holding $1.8 billion of user’s funds today.

If you’re into copy trading,’s got something sweet for you. You can use its copy trading feature to make money with the top futures and spot traders on its platform. But, if trading isn’t up your alley, then check out its Cloud and Liquidity Mining features. These allow you to make a healthy return with an initial investment, or by providing your coins as liquidity.


Alright! That brings us to the end of this guide! To recap, the best 3 CEXs for Aleph Zero are Kucoin, MEXC and These three CEXs were chosen based on safety and trust, cryptos supported and additional features. With any of these CEXs, we’re confident you’ll have a great trading experience.

Today, $AZERO’s price sits at $1.04. It ranks #151 on the crypto market cap list, with a market cap of $239.8 million. $AZERO has a max supply of 331.9 million tokens. Out of which, 228.8 million circulate.

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