Upland has turned our real-life world into a virtual world. Here, you can buy land and build your dream house. It’s a metaverse that keeps growing with its continuing adding cities. They also add other assets, like cars or sports memorabilia.

Nowadays, this metaverse has around 2.5 million registered users. Every month, some 600,000 people spend time on it. That is a lot! So, let’s have a look at the Upland metaverse.

What Is the Upland Metaverse?

The Upland metaverse is a real estate game, based on real life. Their team built it on the EOS blockchain. What makes this game unique, is that your in-game assets link to real-life values.

Besides trading real estate, Upland offers a lot more. For example, earning rewards or taking part in competitions. You can also visit live events or join a treasure hunt. 

Upland has real-life cities in which you can take part. For instance, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, or Porto. Their latest and much-anticipated addition was cars. They come as NFTs. Just like all the land and other assets.

They have a native, in-game currency, the UPX token. So, you can trade all NFTs on marketplaces. However, you can’t trade the UPX token. On the other hand, you need the UPX token for in-game purchases. For example, UPX allows minting most NFTs.

Then, once you complete the KYC process, you can also sell all your NFTs for USD. Current earnings in the game exceed $1.5 million. But there’s more. You can also view Upland as a social experiment. They have a strong and thriving community. You can join plenty of events or weekly property auctions. Upland sees its community as the lifeblood of its ecosystem.

Who Owns Upland Metaverse?

Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein, and Idan Zuckerman founded Uplandme, Inc. HQ is in Silicon Valley, but they also have a development division in Ukraine. They founded the company in 2018 and Blocked.one among others who backed them. They founded the EOS blockchain. Currently, it appears that part of their team works remotely around the world.

All 3 co-founders are serial entrepreneurs. So, let’s have a look at them:

  • Dirk Leuth — Started companies in both Europe and the US. He had a variety of roles, ranging from CEO, COO, to CFO. Since 2012 involved with distributed ledger technology.
  • Mani Honigstein — He also was an executive, adviser, and investor. Studied at SOAS University of London, Bar Ilan University in Israel, and Harvard.
  • Idan Zuckerman — Has engineering skills and his interests are in gaming and blockchain.

So, they came up with the idea of Upland during a Monopoly game. This was when the CryptoKitties were making headlines. In other words, they combined digital collectibles with real estate. And they threw in blockchain technology as well.

Upland metaverse

Source: Upland

Is Upland Metaverse a Good Investment?

Upland seems like a good investment. You can trade their NFTs and cash them out for USD. The site is not a scam and the NFTs are real. Upland players have already cashed out over $1.5 million. With over 2.5 million players and 600,000 active monthly players, Upland has good user stats.

Here are some important use cases:

  • Sell properties for USD on secondary markets.
  • Sell properties for the in-game UPX token.
  • Mint NFTs using the UPX token.

Note: Just be aware that you can’t trade UPX on an exchange. It’s only used for in-game purposes. There are also many different ways how you can earn UPX. Upland has an informative page explaining all options.

Furthermore, properties earn a yearly yield. Currently, this stands at 14.7%. You can collect rewards every 3 hours. This percentage is due to change, with the expected growth of the game.

Upland Metaverse Land for Sale

The Upland metaverse has land and property for sale. In a previous article about Upland, we help you to understand property in Upland. There’s minted and unminted property. All property is color coded. This makes it easier to understand property. 

Some property has an ‘FSA’ mark. This is a property only on sale for new players. This is also known as the Fair Start Act.

You can also buy property from other players. Just click on their property and agree with the price or make a different offer. You can also buy previously unowned property. Upland calls this minting. In another article, we explain how to buy or sell property in Upland.

The following video also gives a good explanation of buying or minting property.


The Upland Metaverse is an exciting place to be. The game has over 600,000 active monthly players. Players also already made over $1.5 million with this game. It seems to be a good investment and the game still has growth potential. We have easy-to-understand articles for you, to explain property. Another article explains buying and selling on Upland. 

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