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Splinterlands is a play-to-earn or P2E card game. It calls the Hive blockchain home. However, tokenized assets are also on the WAX blockchain available. It’s currently the most popular blockchain-based card game around.

So, let’s have a look at what moves and shakes, Splinterlands. First, here’s a short video explaining Splinterlands.

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is currently the most popular blockchain-based card game. In short, 3-minute-long games, you battle against your opponent. One of the advantages of building on the Hive blockchain is, that there are no gas fees. This is because Hive uses the BNB chain. As we know, this chain offers low to free gas fees. Ideal for a good gaming experience. Furthermore, the game is also free-to-play. However, with the free version, you can’t receive any rewards or take part in tournaments. 

It’s also a P2E game, meaning that you can earn money with it. In this case, the game token is SPS. A small investment can get you a long way. You can swap this with your MetaMask wallet on PancakeSwap or buy it at a few major exchanges. For example, Gate.io, Huobi, Crypto.com, and MEXC Global offer this token.

It’s a dynamic and fast paced blockchain game. The card battles last no more than 3 minutes. However, you will need a good strategy to proceed in the game.

Who Created Splinterlands?

Two guys created Splinterlands, Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich and Matthew “Yabapmatt” Rosen. They started with Splinterlands back in 2018.

Splinterlands team
Source: Splinterlands

Jesse Reich is CEO and founder. He started with his first game back in 2014. He used Kickstarter for that and raised $21,000. Dr. Reich has been a gamer all his life. Before he started Splinterlands, he worked as a professor. Furthermore, he also has experience in software sales and marketing. He started blockchain blogging in 2016. This eventually led to him meeting Matt Rosen.

Splinterlands team
Source: Splinterlands

Matt Rosen is CTO, CPO, and founder. He started to make his own video games at the age of ten. For over 12 years now, he has designed and developed games on a professional level. He has a B.S. in computer science and mathematics.

How Does Splinterlands Work?

Everybody who plays the game will get the free set of starter cards. All cards are NFTs. These cards have an ‘S’ mark in the top-right corner. This allows you to start building teams. The teams can play with a variety of rulesets and battle conditions.

However, to earn rewards, you need to buy Booster Packs or rent cards. I will explain later where to buy cards and packs or how to rent them. Once you buy a pack of cards, the game creates a Hive wallet for you, with private keys and all. 

To play the game, you will also need a leveled-up summoner. So that your summoner can summon the cards at the right levels. Now you can start battling, There are two modes, ‘Wild’ or ‘Modern’. Once the game finds your opponent, a countdown starts. You have a short time frame to review his recent battle history. In the same count-down, you need to create a team from your cards. You start with selecting a summoner. Now you are ready to start the game.

For each game mode, there are Leagues, in which you can advance. Each League has 6 levels. The game also has seasons, which can range from 12 days to 16 or more days. Your ranking in the current League determines your placement in the next season.

You can also take part in tournaments. These come in different customizable forms and have price pools. You can find more details in the games docs. There is also an extensive tutorial on how to play on their website. The picture below shows part of their tutorial.


Source: Splinterlands website

Where to Buy Cards and Packs in Splinterlands?

You can buy individual cards at Splinterlands own peer-2-peer or P2P market. For this, you need Dark Energy Crystals or Credits. 

The Dark Energy Crystals are the main in-game currency. These are also traded on a few exchanges. For example, Hive Engine, Uniswap, Steem Engine, or TribalDEX. 

Alternatively, you can also use credits to buy assets or packs in the game. You can buy credits with PayPal or other assorted cryptocurrencies. 1000 credits always equal $1. You can transfer or sell the Dark Energy Crystal to other players. However, you can’t do this with credits. You can only use them inside the game; they have no monetary value outside the game.

There are also Booster Bonus Packs. In case you buy 100 or more booster packs, you qualify for extra booster packs. You can buy these with vouchers. You can get vouchers, for example, by staking the Splintershard (SPS) token or by buying it on TribalDEX. 

Here are the Bonus Pack options that you get with vouchers:

  • If you buy 100 Booster packs, you get 10% more bonus packs. 
  • Buying 500 Booster packs will get you 15% more bonus packs. 
  • And if you buy 2000 Booster packs, you get 20% more bonus packs.

Below is a picture of the page that you see when you buy packs or Booster Packs.

Card packs and Booster packs

Source: Splinterlands docs


This is the end of Part 1 on Splinterlands. Read our Part 2 article to see more questions about the game answered.

Splinterlands also has its SPS token, the current price is $0.0335. The market cap is $16.4 million. The max token supply is 3 billion and 489.7 million tokens already circulate.

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