Flow Blockchain and Its Top P2E Games

Flow is a blockchain designed for gaming. However, since its launch, it has expanded. One of the project’s top NFT collections is NBA Top Shot. The blockchain is home to plenty of P2E, or play-to-earn, games.

So, that’s where we wish to explore more – the top P2E games on the Flow blockchain.

Solitaire Blitz

We all know the classic Solitaire card game. This game is a new take on that. It’s a mobile app with play-to-earn mechanics. Furthermore, it has social features and combines elements of competition. It’s also one of the most popular Flow apps. According to DappRadar, in August last year, the game had a daily ATH of:

  • 68,500 unique wallets. 
  • 210,000 transactions. 
  • And $50,000 in volume.

In all fairness, in January 2023, these daily figures have changed quite drastically.

  • 2,860 unique wallets.
  • 41,000 transactions.
  • And $2,150 in volume.

However, last year, this game was on top of its game! The numbers from last year put it at #8 of all blockchain apps and at #5 for blockchain games. The game even outperformed Magic Eden, the Solana NFT marketplace. But overall, we see a decline in P2E games, so this doesn’t come as a surprise.

You can play the game 1:1 or in multi-player tournaments. As a reward, you receive the RLY token. That proved to be a smart move since it is an existing token. Another opportunity they took is that the game is lightweight. This gives players in markets like India and the Philippines access to the game. Their phones are many times low-end Android smartphones.

They also managed to just add the social and Web3 mechanics to an existing game. This move turned out to be a winner. So, these are all good reasons why this game enjoyed such popularity.

Trickshot Blitz 

Trickshot Blitz is an online pool game. Play some cool trick shots, and you find yourself in the midst of the action. This game is from the Joyride team. The same as with Solitaire Blitz, which I just reviewed. This game also has a P2E set up. It launched in August 2022 and rode the popularity waves in those days. However, just like Solitaire Blitz, its popularity has dropped. If we look at DappRadar data, we can observe the following in August 2022, a daily ATH of:

  • 88,300 active wallets
  • 197,880 transactions
  • $34,570 in daily volume.

When we look at the same number for January 2023, we can observe the following daily numbers:

  • 3,730 active wallets
  • 42,430 transactions
  • $1,000 in daily volume.

Once more, a drastic change. So, we see that adoption for both games has changed. Part of this is due to a general decline in interest for P2E games.

The game offers Player vs Player (PvP) or a tournament mode. There’s also a practice mode. This might come in quite handy. There are also challenges and daily rewards. These rewards come as Rally tokens. The picture below shows the stats for Trickshot Blitz by DappRadar.

Flow Trickshot Blitz

Source: DappRadar


We showed you the two most popular P2E games currently. However, the popularity of P2E games has declined since last year. This shows in the users’ stats as provided by DappRadar. Both games were in hot demand around August last year. Now we can see how their adaptation has decreased.

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