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NFT marketplaces are, in general, busy places. The NFT boom is far from over. And yes, NFT sales volumes are momentarily down, but transaction numbers increase. Therefore, the Axie marketplace is still going strong. 

The Axie marketplace is one of the busiest marketplaces around. That’s quite an achievement. Especially if we consider that it only services one single game. So, let’s have a look at the Axie marketplace.

What Is the Axie Marketplace?

The Axie marketplace is the place to buy all Axie Infinity-related NFTs. Anything that moves in the game, so to speak, you can find in this marketplace. You can buy the Axies here, but also all accessories. So, that’s not only the body parts but also all the land plots. We also wrote a dedicated article about ‘Origin‘, the latest Axie upgrade.


Now, each Axie has six body parts:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Horn
  • Mouth
  • Back
  • Tail

However, you can choose from hundreds of different body parts. In the meantime, each body part has its own distinctive battle move. So, to sum up, the combinations are almost endless and each of them is unique. Of all NFT marketplaces, the Axie marketplace ranks #9. That’s remarkable since you can only find Axie-related NFTs here.

Last week, the most expensive Axie sold for 9.75WETH or $12.51K. The most expensive sale last week was a Land, that went for 14.1 wETH or $17.53K. The grand total of the last 24-hour sales was $802K. And hold on to your seats, the most expensive sale of all time, was also a Land. This went for the incredible amount of 550 wETH or $2.33 million. Sir Gregory, an Axie, sits in the 2nd spot. He went for an amazing 369 wETH or $819.66K. See the picture below.

Axie marketplace

Source: DappRadar

How Does Axie Marketplace Work?

Animoca Brands is the company behind Axie Infinity. They made their blockchain, Ronin. This is where the Axie marketplace calls home. 

The marketplace charges all sellers a 5.25% fee. That’s quite high, but 1% goes to the creator. The other 4.25% goes to the Community Treasury. If there’s no creator code, all 5.25% go to the Community Treasury. On the other hand, buyers don’t pay a fee. Still, most marketplaces charge a 2.5% seller’s fee. 

Also, you can buy four kinds of NFTs on this marketplace:

  • Axies.
  • Land.
  • Items.
  • Bundles of various items.

However, you can only pay with Ethereum. This means that you need two wallets. One is the Ronin Wallet since Axie runs on the Ronin blockchain. This is also the only supported wallet. However, you need another wallet, like MetaMask, to get your ETH on your Ronin Wallet. For this, you can use the Ronin Bridge. Keep in mind that you need to convert your ETH into wETH. Here is the MetaMask explanation of how to do all this.

There are three different ways to get ETH on your Ronin Wallet. However, US citizens have no luck here. So, Axie Infinity has this article that describes all three methods. The picture below shows the Axie marketplace:

Axie marketplace

Source: Axie Infinity

Where to Buy Axies?

You can only buy your Axies and all accessories on the Axie marketplace. There are no other options. For example, the OpenSea Axie marketplace closed two years ago. Everything moved to the Axie marketplace. A smart move by the Axie team. It guarantees them a steady income. The last 24 hours saw $800K in sales. With a 4.25% fee, that’s $34,000 per day into their treasury. Most days see or saw daily volumes well above $1 million.

But we’re digressing. In other words, the Axie marketplace is the place to be. If you’re an Axie player, you know this already. For new players, go and join the fun.


This is the first set of popular questions about the Axie marketplace. We also have Part 2 with another four questions that we answer for you.

The current AXS token price is $12.26. The market cap is $1.1 billion. Their max supply is 270 million and 90 million tokens circulate already.

Here is the second part.

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