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The beauty of blockchain gaming is alluring: the earlier you get into it, the more rewards are awaiting you. Which kind? Let’s find out.

Blockchain gaming differs from other projects in the crypto space. To begin with, the scale of fundraising is indeed much smaller while the risk of getting exit scammed is significantly lower. People show support for a game not with the intention of making money but actually rooting for the actual product.

You see many crypto projects flooded with hoards asking daily “when pump?” “when moon?”, “when new exchange?” and so forth. But in the blockchain gaming space, it’s all about the developments, adoption, and gameplay.

The early adopters of blockchain gaming have much to gain and little to lose. We take a look at the Enjin ecosystem as it is the perfect illustration of the early adoption’s perks.


Many crypto projects like to do giveaways and it’s easy to understand why. This way, they attract more people. However, out of the countless number of emerging crypto projects, only some of the airdrops are actually worth something. Many of the tokens lack liquidity and you just end up piling up souvenirs.

And yet the fact remains: many crypto games do giveaways of their game items and in-built currency. A lot of those items turn out to be super valuable and important, like Founder Tokens (a highly sought item). Many of the founding games on Enjin distributed them in order to attract users and create awareness on their game as well. It was as easy as joining their official Telegram channels.

At the same time, Enjin itself utilized the wonders of the QR scanning function in their wallet to hand out Enjin backed goodies. Just by having a little luck and being awake at the right time, users who scanned the QRs obtained the Enjin MFT.

The Enjin MFT has been sold in the Enjin Marketplace for over 5000Enj ($330USD at the time of writing). This can be seen as a significant reward for early followers.


Founder Tokens have another perk. For instance, that games airdrop items to wallet addresses that hold them.

To that end, 9Lives Arena has been dropping skulls and Oogy wearables. Cryptofights had dropped a full set of Founder’s equipment. Space Misfits promises two exclusive airdrops for their Founder Token holders every month. The Six Dragons airdropped a very cool recipe and arena crystals while Spirit Clash–some awesome cards. Enjin themselves dropped a special code to a Minecraft server. Thus, users gain access and can loot blockchain items that have been sold for thousands of Enjin coins.

Founder Tokens are generating continuous value. Those who obtained them early got to reap the full benefits of airdrops. Eventually, the collective value of airdropped items will surpass the value of the Founder Tokens.

Early access/beta

Most games provide beta and early access for bug-squashing. This way, they are polishing up for the main release. The community can get its hands on some gameplay as well as help out the developers. This is a cheap and easy way to test the product and receive feedback.

For instance, the early stages of Forgotten Artifacts started with a stampede event, allowing players to run through the dungeon unlimited times without restriction. The gist of the occurrence was to collect stampede tokens and bring them out of the dungeon. The gamer who managed to collect the most stampede tokens walked away with two transcendent weapons. To that end, transcendents are of the highest rarity. They are also the strongest items in Forgotten Artifacts.

The initial drop rates were also of a fairly high percentage and many early players easily got their hands of higher rarity items. Players could grind the dungeons for hours without stopping as there is no entry cap. Many of the non-weapon items did not have any utility in-game as well.

Patch after patch and as of now, dungeons require adventure stones to access blockchain loot. Drop rates were also tweaked accordingly and the game has evolved quite nicely. Many non-weapon items of all rarities have passive abilities tagged to them too.

Transcendent weapons are being sold for as much as 5000-6000Enj; mythical items for 2000Enj. Early players who had an easier time looting those items were rewarded.

All in all, it’s safe to say that participating in a demo/unfinished game pays off. Especially at the early stages of development.


Presales are foremost a way to show support for a game. However, it’s also an investment. Some of the games during the presale had an intense amount of Enjin backed in their rarest items.

For the War of Crypto presale, the highest backed Hero is 10,000Enj. There are other Heroes backed by 6000Enj and 2500Enj as well. The earliest investors could obtain Heroes for as little as $25.

During the Six Dragons presale, the main prize was a Dragon Sword backed by 10,000Enj. Items from the Immortal Sets were backed by 2,000Enj each. Their presale chests were sold for $25 and $50.

The lucky ones (who hit the bullseye and secured big prizes) made a lot of money based on Enjin’s value alone.

Other than the Enj-backed value of an item, presales also offer lots of limited and special items. For example, Space Misfits were selling their Founder Tokens for $40. Currently, their value sits at 2,000Enj($132) on the marketplace. And that’s the minimum.

Thus, the early supporters have indeed been rewarded for their belief in a game. Consequently, they obtained various items “cheap”. As blockchain gaming continues to grow, so will the value of game items.


Blockchain gaming is still in its early stages; many of the games aren’t even ready yet. However, one should never underestimate the early adoption per se as many of the game items have increasing value over time. When Bitcoin was at $500, did people still buy it? Yes, and they got tremendously rewarded if they continued to hodl. If a game has 500 players, will people still support it? Yes, and they will accumulate the gains when the game starts to grow.

Blockchain gaming isn’t something whales can suppress or manipulate. When the bull runs, it really runs.

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