Exchanges need to keep on top of the market. That means that they add new coins and tokens on a regular basis. However, US and Canadians still have limited crypto trading options available to them. BYDFi is one of these options. This exchange doesn’t need KYC to start trading.

So, let’s take a look at some of some new listings by BYDFi during June 2024.

ZKSync ($ZK)

ZKSync and its $ZK token took the spotlight last week when it launched. This went hand in hand with a much-discussed airdrop. Many people that farmed zkSync for a year or longer did not receive an airdrop. The qualifications were controversial, and still are.

Nonetheless, zkSync is a much and long-awaited token launch. It’s one of the leading projects in the zk tech sector. ZKSync offers fast and cheap transactions. No wonder that BYDFi wants to list this token. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for an addition to your portfolio. Once the next bull run leg in alts starts, this token has good upside potential.

Bitcoin Gold ($BTG)

Bitcoin had a few hard forks over the years. One of these hard forks is Bitcoin Gold ($BTG). It shares the same fundamentals as Bitcoin. However, there’s one big difference. This difference you can find in the $BTG mining procedure. Bitcoin Gold tries to decentralize the mining process further. 

For Bitcoin, you need expensive ASIC and for $BTG mining you can use GPU. However, since the hard fork in November 2017, the project has been controversial. It’s a small project with few nodes. This makes it prone to 51% attacks. Unfortunately, there were a couple of such attacks. $BTG is not listed on many exchanges.

Delysium ($AGI)

With Delysium ($AGI) we enter the world of AI and blockchain gaming. To be precise, an AI network and AI agents. It created a blockchain-based virtual world. In this virtual world, you can find a billion individuals and 100 billion AI Virtual Beings. The latter are firms and NPCs (non-player characters). 

Delysium is also listed in the Epic Games Store. It’s the first playable AAA game that managed this feat. You can play games with the AI Virtual Beings. They can also give insights into the crypto world.

ZetaChain ($ZETA)

ZetaChain ($ZETA) is a communication chain. It builds omnichain apps that fit into any chain. In other words, it accommodates ‘multichain’ and ‘cross-chain’ options. It uses the Cosmos SDK to build its chain. 

ZetaChain covers many aspects of blockchain features. For example, payments, DeFi, liquidity, games, art, performance, security, privacy, and more. This wide spectrum makes it attractive for many chains. For example, Bitcoin, Cosmos, Ethereum, and more. As a result, ZetaChain already has an expansive ecosystem. A smart move by BYDFi to list them. This is a project to keep an eye out on. The picture below shows ZetaChain’s roadmap.


Source: ZetaChain docs ($YFII) ($YFII) takes us into the DeFi realm. To be more specific, it’s a DeFi farming aggregator. It’s active on various blockchains. It’s a fork off Yearn Finance. That’s a protocol that’s been around for a while.

So, on DFI. money you can find profit-optimizing services. Farmers, stakers, and lenders can use these services. It makes it easier to track various farm pools at the same time. Furthermore, DFI. money can do this across various platforms. This opens DeFi up for more opportunities and easier access.

PayPal stablecoin ($PYUSD)

With the PayPal stablecoin ($PYUSD) we enter the field of stablecoins. Now, PayPal is by no means a small financial player. So, it’s good to see them heavily invested in the crypto sector. Their $PYUSD is 100% backed by various commodities. For example, US Dollars, short-term U.S. Treasuries and other cash equivalents. 

The $PYUSD issuer is Paxos. They’re behind various stablecoins, for example, the now defunct $BUSD was also theirs. Up until now, Paxos issued over $120 billion in stablecoins. Stablecoins are a good hedge against crypto volatility.

Daddy Tate ($DADDY)

With Daddy Tate ($DADDY) we’re in the memecoins. As many other memecoins, this is also a Solana based memecoin. This is Andrew Tate’s venture into crypto. Many people like memecoins, since they seem to be the only coins making gains.

This token is not without controversy, though. There’s no on-chain proof that Tate sold any of his $DADDY bag. However, there are allegations on X that wallets bought 30% of the token before it hit the market. Since its release, this coin has only seen a decline in price.

However, we don’t advocate trading in DADDY or ANY memecoins. But if you like trading in that market, you can find many memecoins at BYDFi. We also urge you to do your own research or DYOR on this and ALL coins.

These are all the new Spot listings on BYDFi.

To sum up, all discussed coins in this article are available on BYDFi. Did you know that BYDFi offers trading in 400+ tokens with no KYC? You can also trade with only 0.6% futures & 0.1% spot fees, receive free trading signals, and earn nearly $2,000 in bonuses. For more info, just click here.

Perpetuals Listings

The previous list was for the Spot trading market. And you can trade most spot markets on BYDFi WITHOUT KYC. It’s true and even Americans and Canadians can.

Then we have the perpetual markets. Here everyone needs to KYC, but Americans and Canadians are still eligible. Keeping that in mind, BYDFi has 4 new perps listings available. All of them have a trading pair with USDT. The 4 are:

  • Notcoin ($NOT)
  • ($IO)
  • Aethir ($ATH)
  • and Taiko ($TAIKO)

Here you get a nice mix of DePIN, Layer 2’s, and a popular coin on the fast-growing TON blockchain.

And remember, you can trade Spot without KYC and perp markets with KYC from nearly anywhere in the world with BYDFi. That includes Americans and Canadians. So give BYDFi a try today and get some cool bonuses when you sign up too.


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