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On September 10, 2018 ANON was born. It was a fork from zclassic and bitcoin. This movement quickly gained momentum as a star-studded team led the way. Jake, a well-connected and bitcoinist article writer led the pack to what was considered the most successful fork ever. How? Multiple exchanges supported the fork, zclassic did not pump massively, and all was delivered according to plan.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is young and I believe ANON can take control of a oversaturated currency space. Many asked “why another fork?” and the truthful answer to that is lack of technological innovation. As well as a team with a strong commitment to increase the utility and mass adoption of cryptocurrency. The ANON team is improving the tech behind its blockchain for faster and more secure transactions. Jake is leading with a strong focus on utility and real world adoption, simple as that.

So here are my 7 reasons to be bullish on ANON:

  1. Liquidity is pivotal to the survival and price action of a coin. The anon team was able to secure 3 listings for the fork. Safe trade, trade satisfied, and Cryptopia. Jake the founder understands the need for more exchanges and was able to lend and Coinone to its roster. According to him there is funds available for one more exchange but right now they are in negotiations with many. ANON has a low market cap and low circulating supply of 26.4 million.
  2. Strong team of advisors. Steven Nerayoff the architect for ethereum. This man is on the advisory board of ANON. I met and spoke with him in person at an event. He was the one that flew to Canada to meet a young man named Vitalik. Who had a white paper for some blockchain idea called Ethereum, he asked him if he could build it and Vitalik said yes but he had no money. Steven was the man that helped Vitalik raise millions. They also have Ran Neuner one of the most well known influencers, this is key because it help ANON with marketing initiatives. He has his own show on CNBC AFRICA and whenever ANON reaches a big milestone, they get to be on the show. Two very powerful people on the advisory board.

  1. Mining and masternode capabilities. ANON with just 4 weeks of being online has about 1950+ masternodes powering its network. Anon is one of the first bitcoin forks to feature both masternodes and mining capabilities. Two ways to power and support the anon network. This means 2 great ways to earn passive income with ANON.
  2. The community. It’s the backbone of ANON and it has grown exponentially since the inception of the announcement of the fork. Anon has already undergone 1 successful bounty and now the second is currently happening. It ends on December 6th. Anyone has a chance to win a portion of 22,000 ANON by creating content and spreading the word. With twitter and it’s telegram group growing past 4400 active members. Many of whom have set up masternodes to be a part of its on chain governance.
  3. On chain governance. ANON is a community driven coin. This aspect allows for the community to have a voice about what happens to coins that are unclaimed or extra. Why is this great? Community members have the power to vote on different proposal whether for marketing purposes, a coin burn to increase value and lower circulating supply, or anything that seems worthy. instead of one person making all the decisions, masternode holders get to vote in the best course of action. This is why ANON is truly a community driven coin. The funds raised from masternodes can also be voted for use. Most companies don’t care about their community. That’s not the case here.
  4. The founder, Jake like many of us is a crypto enthusiast and what I like to call THE PLUG. The man is very well connected and this helps ANON gain more partnerships and opportunities to grow and flourish to the top of the cryptocurrency charts. He visits as many conferences as possible to help spread the word about ANON and its mission.
  5. A remarkable development team. A star-studded team that branches out from Bushido Labs, a great organization that’s leading the way in blockchain innovation. Every single issue that has risen during development for ANON. The team takes care of it ASAP. In all honesty, it’s remarkable.

Strategy, that’s the key word that will make this team and coin surpass many. Idax and Coinone were targeted to help increase Asian exposure of ANON.

The team has a diverse team of lawyers, developers, business, communications, marketing. Each targeting critical aspects of a young company.

ANON like many other blockchain companies has an uphill battle to face. But as you read, the team is well prepared, the community is growing, and many achievements have been met.

To learn more visit their social links below.  Thanks for reading, I’m Cryptomoonie!





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