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Standing up to BIG BANKS

Mass Adoption Plan

The Apollo Effect

On October 31st, 2018 The Apollo Foundation announced it’s M.A.P.(Mass Adoption Plan) for the world. While being interviewed on the new Fox Business show “Exploring the Block”, Steve McCullah, Apollo’s Director of Business Development, made the announcement that the Apollo Foundation has set out to be the only cryptocurrency to stand up against banks. The team plans to set up thousands of physical locations across the world in every major city along with ATMs allowing the majority of the world to have financial control over their own wealth. The days of having to ask permission to buy what you desire with the hard earned cash that you worked for, are coming to an end. With Apollo building up to be the leading replacement for a system that seems to be failing, the people can be reassured of a better future and a better way to bank.

The physical locations will be known as the “Decentralized Apollo Banks”, these locations will give the masses the ability to buy/sell and trade Apollo very easily. The Apollo Foundation has put their foot down and has made a path for a new way to control your money. Although the idea seems unreachable and impossible…..the same doubt was cast towards the internet in the 90’s….and we all know where that went, so for this idea to become a reality is more than realistic. The people of today demand their privacy and the right to do what they wish with their finances. When the demand overpowers the will of a select few….things happen and history changes. The Apollo Effect has just begun a history-changing revolution, that will be noticed by the world as it is unique in its manner. Involved in the M.A.P. will be mobile options that reach parts of the world where there is no computer access whatsoever. Currently, the Apollo Foundation is researching possible applications for a physical Apollo backed currency, such as a bill and a coin. The Decentralized Exchange that will be in the Apollo wallet will offer a stable coin known as PAX (Paxos). It also will provide the ability to use credit/debit cards to purchase Apollo along with many other cryptocurrencies that will be in the Apollo Decentralized Exchange.

Imagine a world where you no longer feel imprisoned by outrageous transaction fees and the threat of your privacy being invaded. Apollo has a mission, a mission to free the world population of the financial handcuffs placed on every one of us by the ruling elite. There are many nations around the world that have a currency that is failing them, making it harder for their citizens to put trust into their own governments. As the future is forever changing, the shift from fiat to cryptocurrency is inevitable and it is clear to see that the people trust only themselves with their money. When 90% of the world is under control by the top 10%, that leaves no room for the people to have financial freedom. Apollo believes that only you should decide what you can spend your money on and only you should be able to know your transactions and account balance. The Decentralized Apollo Banks will give everyone who wishes, the power to bypass those ridiculous barriers that big banks place in front of you. We are all familiar with John McAfee and his strong stance against corruption within governments, Having McAfee as the chairman of Apollo shows you exactly how serious the team is about giving not just a few, but everyone on earth who demands to be in charge of their money, the option to do so. The M.A.P is more than just an idea, it is a tool for the people to use to take back what is rightfully ours…freedom. Check out more details on The Apollo Foundation @

By Anthony Brooks

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