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Banca set to release Alpha Version of CoinUltra on January the 31st 2019

As mentioned in the previous article I wrote, Banca is preparing to launch the Alpha version of their CoinUltra Sentiment Analysis tool. So far, updates have been provided through their biweekly newsletters, with the last two providing many insights and teasers about what to expect from the Alpha. Below is a summary of what has been shared so far:

CoinUltra: What do we know so far…

Release date: Alpha will be released on the 31st of January, and the Alpha will be free to use on launch to test out the various features and information on offer.

  1. Highly Personalized Experience

Each user will be able to customize their setup to best suit their own personal needs. You can add any coins you want to your ‘Watch List’. This will not only show price/percentage return, but also various other trading data and information, such as News flow, Twitter flow, price charts, market analysis, etc.

  1. Information Flow with AI Tagging

All news feeds flow through a system called ‘AI Streamline’, which gives that piece of news two tags: one for topic and the other for sentiment. Once published on CoinUltra, the community can also participate by giving it a third tagging to indicate whether they view it as a ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ indicator.

As large amounts of news flow into the CoinUltra systems, users should be able to see what the news is about and whether it indicates a good trading opportunity or not.

(Note: Banca does point out that users need to DYOR rather than follow blindly!)

  1. Easy-to-navigate News Classifiers

Traders want to find and view the most relevant information as quickly as possible, and this is one area where CoinUltra can help. The navigation bar for the news feeds contain several tabs to quickly scroll through, including the ‘Favorite’ option which will bring you the news about the coins in your ‘Watch List’.

  1. Real-time Market Dynamics

CoinUltra includes a real-time price chart to make it a more complete information hub. By including live feeds of media and price information, users can easily get the majority of information needed for daily trading in one place. Coinultra provides real-time market dynamics in multiple dimensions, which is rare in the crypto world. Banca plans to continue updating this aspect in later versions of CoinUltra so that users can get even better insights than they can get anywhere else.

  1. Trending Tokens

CoinAI provides in-depth and precise information on prices of over 1000 cryptocurrencies, but does not give much information on what cryptocurrencies are looking good or interesting at that precise point in time. CoinUltra has this covered, as the “Trending Tokens” option should really help traders find “hidden gems” or cryptocurrencies that are about to make a move.

The “Trending Tokens” section lays out the best performing coins, worse performing coins and coins with the highest trading volume over the last 24 hours, last 7 days and the last month. This function only includes coins that can beat a minimum volume threshold, meaning coins which go 2000% on $5 volume are not included!

  1. More Advanced Charts for the Experts

Expert traders use more than just a list of top performers. They go deeper, looking at correlations for potential trades. They also look at overall market conditions to decide whether it is even a good time to trade at all. To meet these needs, CoinUltra also comes with a chart that shows the correlation between a group of coins.

  1. A new and unique secret chart

No screenshots or further information on this one, all we know is that the BANCA team have built a chart that they highly recommend. The platform will automatically aggregate the sentiment scores on all news feeds and present it in one number, continuously, in real-time! This is the one I think could be most interesting and I am looking forward to testing it out on launch.


We now have a confirmed release date for the alpha, and will be accessible through the Banca website ( I hope you have enjoyed reading this summary of what we can expect from CoinUltra, I aim to share my thoughts about using the Alpha after I have played around and made use of it!


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