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Author: blindlybullish

Coinplan is aiming to promote diversification within the crypto market and automate crypto investing for retail investors. With the list of cryptocurrencies rapidly growing, there is a short, but solid list of impact projects that are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. These innovations create an opportunity for people looking to diversify their assets beyond Bitcoin.

The company, led by CEO Ryan Berkun and CFO Chris Daniels, is looking to gain notoriety through thought leadership, content marketing, and direct relations with blockchain projects and large accounts. Coinplan wants to be the premier marketplace for cryptocurrency portfolios and a platform for various products and services. Their attitude is similar to that of Amazon in the early days – start with books and evolve into web services and full-blown retail.

They believe that educating the general public about the space while making it easy to enter, would help foster mass adoption and remove the negative connotation that cryptocurrencies are complicated and difficult to navigate. Coinplan is rapidly gaining new users with their referral program, that enables existing users to introduce a friend to the platform and earn an additional $20 when they invest into a portfolio.

“Cryptocurrency investing is an opportunity analogous to that of the dot com era. The emerging blockchain platforms of today will become the Amazon, Google, and Facebook of tomorrow. While it is difficult to forecast which specific projects will succeed, blockchain as an industry will prevail.

Coinplan was built with that macro investment philosophy in mind. Through diversified and rebalanced cryptocurrency portfolios, we enable the passive investor to place a bet on blockchain as a future asset class.” – Ryan Berkun, CEO

The Coinplan platform is currently live and active. The dashboard is intuitive, easy-to-use, and allows users to keep track of their performance and explore other portfolios. The platform provides data, analytics and one-click access to diversified portfolios. In addition, investors have access to the Coinplan Smart Rebalancer so that users don’t need to constantly log in and out of exchanges and/or set multiple buy/sell orders. The first available diversified portfolio on Coinplan is the Coinplan Large Cap, an equally weighted portfolio of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, DASH, and Litecoin. A full list of the available and upcoming portfolios can be seen here.

Coinplan uses three forms of security to keep user funds and information secure. Users will create accounts using Firebase, a Google product also being used by well-known companies like Venmo, Lyft, and The New York Times, and Hydro’s Raindrop 2FA solution that will be integrated with the platform. Cryptocurrencies deposited with Coinplan are held with either Wyre or their partnered exchange (TBA) as the designated custodians. They are responsible for encrypting and securing users’ financial information and keeping it in cold storage.

CoinBundle is the closest competitor to Coinplan as it also allows users to invest in cryptocurrency bundles. However, their utility token needs to be first acquired and then staked on the platform in order to use it. This adds an additional roadblock for both new and seasoned investors alike, and also adds to the difficulty of diversifying into the world of cryptocurrencies.

“The advent of cryptocurrencies has given regular investors the ability to invest and participate in groundbreaking decentralized technology that would otherwise be reserved for venture capitalist. At Coinplan, we took it a step further by bundling together what we believe to be the most promising cryptocurrency projects in each sector so anyone can invest even easier.” – Chris Daniels, CFO

Most institutions and a majority of the general public are still not familiar with how blockchain technology works or only affiliate it with Bitcoin, one of the most successful applications. However, many global companies are investing massive amounts of resources to research blockchain and its potential for real use cases in their respective industries. This opens up massive opportunities for the projects in the blockchain space to pave the way for innovation.

Coinplan is helping the cryptocurrency and blockchain space move forward by making it easy to enter and allowing the community to discover exciting, new projects that are changing the way we think about and interact with the world at large.

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