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“The Scalable Privacy Preserving Platform for Decentralized Applications”

Hello Altcoin Buzz Army!

My name is DJ Chahal and I am excited to share with you today about one of the most promising projects in the crypto space, Origo Network. This is an introduction to Origo Network with more project updates in future articles right here on Altcoin Buzz Community Speaks!

What is Origo Network trying to solve?

Smart contracts on Ethereum have no privacy – that means transactional & personal information is visible to everyone on the blockchain and this is a problem for adoption for businesses and institutions as such data is sensitive and should be kept private / secret. For example,

How does Origo Network work?

Origo Network is a Privacy Preserving Application Platform (PPAP) built on Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) framework that hides the input/output information in its smart contracts. While Zcash and Monero also offer transaction privacy by hiding the sender’s address, receiver’s address and transaction amount — Origo Network in addition guards privacy of application input and output, and supports smart contracts.

In addition to the platform, Origo Network offers scalability by allowing side-chain decentralized application execution (in privacy), thus improving both on-chain and off-chain performance. A proof of off-chain is used to verify the correct computation to the on-chain.

As such, developers can create privacy preserving dApps by writing them in the original way and then compiling and executing, without leaking the information that needs to be hidden.

We will go further in depth about the ZKP in future articles.

Origo Network Use Cases

We recently had an ‘Origo can do anything’ contest and had some really good use cases from the community – I highly recommend everyone to read those use cases to have a better understanding of how Origo Network can drive real world adoption of blockchain technology in various industries such as banking, insurance, governance, supply chain, personal data & IoT.

The link is as per below:

Origo Network Investors


Big name VCs such as PolyChain Capital, FBG Capital, Kenetic, 1kx, Signum Capital & GBIC.


I will be actively writing more articles & sharing more project updates for Origo Network moving forward – this is simply a basic introduction to the project.

For more detailed information regarding Origo team, token metrics & monthly reports, please visit their Medium page at

Alternatively, you can also join Origo Network Telegram group to find out more about the project and make new friends!

Origo Network has also been featured in Forbes & Nasdaq as per the links below:

** Credits to Wolf Crypto for his explanation on Origo Network framework

Origo Social Links:



Telegram group:

Telegram channel:


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