Swipe Unveils Visa DeFi Lending Card 'LendFi'

Hello everyone, this is Cryptomoonie here bringing you another Community Speaks article. This time I want to highlight Swipe.io.

As a crypto enthusiast and trader, I usually visit the “Biggest Gainers“ page on Coinmarketcap.com. That’s how I find new blockchain and cryptocurrency companies to look into. This led to my discovery of SWIPE.

Consequently, I will take a look at the company and its mission. After all, it’s a curious beast: with only two months on the market, its token valuation rise 450%. Let’s examine the reasons.

The Swipe Wallet is the main product of Swipe.io. Individuals can buy, sell, and swap their crypto’s to pay with fiat directly, all within the wallet’s application. They can even purchase gift cards and make instant exchanges between the various cryptocurrencies available. The SWIPE token powers every single aspect of the wallet. Everything from its services, withdrawals, and transaction costs. Users must deposit at least one SXP (Swipe’s token) to activate their account and all the functions on the wallet.

Users have access to over 20 cryptocurrencies plus a plethora of great features. According to the company’s website, the swipe Oracle allows crypto to fiat purchases at the point of sale of goods. Users who link a bank account can buy sell and pay with crypto. You can even make fiat to crypto purchases on the app. You can also manage your swipe card from the app.

This card works like any other debit one. You can have a virtual (or a physical) version of the card for any point of sale transactions. 

The Swipe Slate Metal:

The Swipe Slate Metal is the premium card. It offers 4% back on all purchases. That’s a bigger percentage than most banks in the United States, if not all of them. You need to hold a minimum of 300,000 SXP staked for 6 months to get access to the card. ATM cash access will allow you to withdraw money instantly when you need it. They say cash is king, so this development is a smart move by the Swipe team. Up to 3,000 dollars in referral rewards and no foreign transaction fees.

The Swipe Saffron:

The Swipe Saffron card is the basic level card. It gives 1% Cash Back on all purchases, ATM cash access, no SXP staking needed. Once again, you can have either a virtual or a physical version.

I really like the branding behind this company. They have produced an excellent product. And yes they do have some tough competition like Flexacoin and Crypto.com but there is room for everyone. Their product is better than what most crypto companies have achieved. Astonishingly, Swipe is still floating under the radar of the crypto community. Luckily, Altcoin Buzz can give light to great projects like this to learn more visit Swipe.io and take a look at their mobile app on android and IOS.

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