Hello everyone! This is Cryptomoonie here bringing you another Community Speaks article. This time I want to highlight TokenTuber.

Today, we will examine a company taking on an uncommon mission in the blockchain world. In the past, people would often discuss the different types of barriers that prevent people from entering the space. The main one? Lack of education. Most people aren’t sure what terms like cryptocurrency, blockchain or even Bitcoin really mean.

Accordingly, several crypto influencers have proclaimed that educational resources need to arise in order to enlighten the masses. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is where TokenTuber comes in.

TokenTuber is an educational oasis for everything cryptocurrency and blockchain. Essentially, it is an educational platform that explains the ins and outs of how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work. It also covers the blockchain technology, smart contracts, and more.

TokenTuber is unique as it rewards creators of this content for their work with TUBER tokens. The more upvotes your video gets, the more tokens you earn. Thus, individuals who post other content that does not belong to them can also gain income. However, they will have to share the gains with the original creator.

The goal is to reward everyone who contributes to the TokenTuber’s mission of creating mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. I think we all want that for the sake of showing the naysayers that crypto and blockchain is a valid market.

Looking for a quiz?

TokenTuber had a very successful IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) with Hotbit. The company managed to sell everything out almost instantaneously.

The man behind TokenTuber is David Zhou, a remarkable entrepreneur, whom I consider to be one of the most legit CEOs in the space. Speaking of creativity, the Crypto Beginner Quiz is open to anyone who wants to potentially win 1000 Tuber tokens for answering and testing their knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency. If you want to try and earn 1,000 TUBER and test your knowledge, take the quiz here. I tried it and it was very difficult.

TokenTuber aims to lower the barrier to entry for the mass audience by becoming a go-to hub for anyone of any skill level to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It rewards you for your efforts and ability to gather an audience. To learn more, visit www.tokentuber.com/

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