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“The time for Enterprise adoption of blockchain is coming”

Website : (UBT)
Exchanges: Liquid, Idex, Cryptopia
Partnerships with: Microsoft Germany, NEM, Tolar,io

Hello Altcoin Buzz Army, My name is Jack, I am 40 years old and I am from The Netherlands, and I will be writing about Unibright. I work in the security sector myself and have been in the crypto space for quite some time now and like most of you I have gathered a lot of experience by trail and error.

Like most of us I’m getting tired of the pump and dump groups, the highly paid shills and the projects that show a lot of promise and hype without actually having a working product. I haven’t made a lot of profit so far, but what I have gained is a lot of knowledge about this crypto space and blockchain technology. This has made me more confident than ever in the projects that I choose to invest in.

Implementation of blockchain technology is only in the beginning stages, and I’m very optimistic about the next couple of years, as we’re at the beginning of a long journey that will eventually pay off. We just need a little patience.

During the research that I have done I stumbled upon this gem, Unibright. It is one of those products that has such an amazing solution and a lot of people still don’t really understand it’s potential, especially looking at the team behind it and their experience in the space of business integration.

After doing some in depth research, and talking to some very technical people who did see the enormous potential I decided to join their ambassadorship two months ago.

My goal here is to inform you, the Altcoin Buzz Army about Unibright’s potential, their latest developments, and I ask you all to ask me any questions you might possibly have. Of course I can’t tell you any information about price predictions, or “When this or that exchange”, but I don’t think that is the intention here either.

What I am thinking of is to give more knowledge about the ambassadors, about their activities, where I think the potential is, but especially the latest news that would be of importance. Apart from the serious side of sharing updates and talking about the potential of Unibright, I especially want my articles to be positive and I want you to read them with a smile.

Unibright is a German project. German companies are often synonymous with solid, hard work and often reliability. In April 2017 Unibright did a successful ICO and they are currently listed on exchanges Idex, Cryptopia and Liquid. The team regularly provides updates on the progress of the project and is always open to questions or comments from the community.

We are in Q4 at the moment, and Q4 is promising to be a great time for Unibright. The Demo version of the product is almost finished and will be shown this year. The first pilot companies will also test the Unibright framework. A crucial time for the Unibright team, and I am convinced that the team will deliver a fantastic and unique product. So far the team has always been ahead of their roadmap, which is quite unique in the crypto space.

So what is the Unibright framework?

Unibright provides a solution for companies to integrate blockchain within their business processes. Companies do not have to hire expensive and scarce developers. Unibright has developed templates for a lot of use cases. This is one of the unique features of Unibright. A customer uses the template (or create one themselves) and after that it is a matter of plug & play. After creating a smart contract they can keep monitoring the process on the easy to use dashboard.

The blockchain application that the company wants to use can then be linked to the platform of your choice. Because Unibright is blockchain agnostic, Unibright will automatically pick the best template that fit the customers needs.

Where necessary, Unibright will be able to advise its customers. So Unibright is very customer-oriented to develop a solution to be able to integrate blockchain in a simple and efficient way and I personally find this fantastic. If companies are going to make more use of blockchain this could ensure adoption, which is good for the entire blockchain world.

I will mention one more unique feature about Unibright. This is the fact that the framework on which the blockchain is developed can be linked to existing IT systems. This will certainly increase the will of companies to blockchain. Companies are very conservative with blockchain, because they do not know enough about blockchain and because they certainly do not want to replace the existing IT structure completely. This is not necessary with Unibright. By linking the blockchain to the existing IT systems, a business analysis can also be made in a single store. This is really a big advantage for companies to work with the Unibright framework.

I hope I made you even more curious about this project. Please, if you have some questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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