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Dear Altcoin Buzz Army,

In my next article, I want to talk about how I see Unibright in the foreseeable future. How will the project get adoption and where do I personally see it go. Because we’re in a bear market, many projects are not doing well, have stopped releasing news, and the market is shaking out a lot of companies and teams.

But Unibright has still always delivered ahead of the roadmap, keeps giving updates, and continuously interacts with the community.

Their goal is to give us a powerful visual designer that converts workflows into smart contracts, making blockchain implementable by non-coders. This is a huge innovation that surpasses the niche of developers and brings blockchain to the masses.

But today we will go a little bit deeper into how I think Unibright will get adoption in the business and commercial sectors. For this I have to first talk a little bit more about ERP systems. When talking about ERP systems, some people have heard of it, but they are no expert in this area, so let’s start with that.

How do different departments communicate with each other in most companies? Before ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), communication processes in companies were chaotic. Accounting had to talk to inventory, inventory with order management, order management with accounting etc. These processes are very time-consuming. This was until ERP systems came in.

At its most basic level, ERP software integrates all these different processes, ranging from inventory, order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship and beyond, into one complete system to streamline processes and information across the entire organization.

In that way, ERP systems function as a shared database that supports multiple functions used by different business units, therefore these business units can rely on the same information for their specific needs.

This is where the Unibright team comes from. For more than 20 years the Unibright’s team has been working in this area of business integration. Their company (SPO Gmbh (a German ERP/SAP consultancy company)  was very successful as a German company, having clients like Samsung, Lufthansa, Siemens etc.

With the arrival of blockchain technology,  the Unibright team saw the opportunity in connecting blockchain technology to ERP systems and they started building the idea for Unibright in the beginning of 2016.

Even though ERP helped businesses to become more efficient, still a lot of communication that happens within a company has to happen manually. Blockchain can streamline all these processes and can bring transparency and digitalization into the workflow.

Blockchain technology is at its early stages, still experimental, so companies are very reluctant to start using it. And as progress happens slow in business, companies are very reluctant to replace their current systems with blockchain.

They can hire a developer for $175.000 a year, to experiment with a technology they struggle to understand, which hasn’t yet fully proved itself on a grander scale. Besides, even when you find a great developer, who says in 6 months he won’t get a better offer somewhere else, because everyone knows there is a shortage of good developers in this booming (and yet to really take off) industry. And most developers focus on only one blockchain.

The Unibright framework can connect with other blockchains as well, whether it’s Ethereum, NEM, Hyperledger or any other. This is what we call blockchain agnostic.

Now imagine a system that integrates all these solutions, ERP system, creating smart contracts, managing, operations, EVERYTHING, and it’s all visible on an easy to use dashboard that anyone, WITHOUT ANY CODING EXPERIENCE can use, read and understand.

With Unibright they don’t have to change the ERP system, but the workflow in between the different ERP systems will be taken over to the blockchain by the Unibright framework. Monitoring tools, like the Unibright Explorer, help them as additional tools to their existing ERP system to monitor the ongoing process.

With the knowledge that there are two different ERP systems within two companies, the Unibright framework ‘listens’ to both ERP systems and translates between them, forms a ‘bridge’ between the two ERP systems.

The framework is so smart that it automatically translates the language from 1 ERP system to the language of the other ERP system. This language will find its way to the right blockchain, where the person who designed the smart contract via the workflow can monitor the process on that visual dashboard.

Combine this with a team that works ahead of roadmap, in which it states that the framework will be up and running in Q1 2019 (which means a working product within the next 6 months!!!) and a Market Cap of 2,5 million, and I don’t know why in the world you are still reading this and not sprinting to Cryptopia or Idex and be ahead of the herd that sees exactly what Unibright has to offer (not financial advice).

Win-win-win situation thanks to Unibright

Let’s talk about the way that I see Unibright adoption will happen by presenting an example.

  1. Sarah works at clothing company as a production manager and has to coordinate ongoing design processes across all relevant departments.
  2. Via the internal ERP, she sees that Tom from marketing just approved their promotional materials and that the purchasing department should now submit their prime costs.
  3. Anna from purchasing has to provide answers to detailed questions to other departments and suppliers but is only able to do so by phone or email for security reasons.

In this model, Anna has to do all approval work manually, which is very time-consuming.

With Unibright however, Sarah can pick an existing template for Multi-Part Approval, possibly make some changes in the workflow design on the easy to use dashboard and handle this process automatically without using a single line of code.

Sarah then instantly generates Smart Contracts that control the flow of production, integrating them into the existing ERP by automatically generating smart adapters. Smart adapters basically connect off chain systems (off-blockchain systems like ERP) with on-chain systems (blockchain).

(For the ones that just read over this: SARAH GENERATES THE SMART CONTRACT!!! Remember, Sarah is a production manager, not an expensive blockchain developer.)

Of course, the generated code will be audited and checked by Unibright.

Sarah is now able to check the current approval state with the Unibright Explorer, which is a monitoring system in the framework, where everyone with access can follow the ongoing off-chain and on-chain processes. Now the communication with suppliers doesn’t have to go manually but can happen automatically.

Not only will this save time for everyone, but Sarah can create smart contracts much faster than a blockchain developer can, and still understand everything that is happening in real time. (I know I mentioned this before, but to me this is MASSIVE)

So who benefits?

  1. The company can work more effectively.
  2. The people in the company can perform less repetitive activities.
  3. Protocols (for example Ethereum or Hyperledger) see that everyone without coding skills can make use of their blockchain.
  4. The early token buyers are happy too, because all these companies that use the Unibright framework have to buy tokens from the market and have to lock up the tokens they will be using during the duration of the contract. This will decrease the tokens from the market, lowering supply, increasing demand.

This is why Microsoft approached Unibright even before the ICO and they started a partnership. And this is why the largest holding in my portfolio is Unibright.

Hope to see you soon in our Telegram Chat.

Jack, your Unibright reporter

This article was brought to you by a member of our Community Speaks team. The Community Speaks team is made up of members of different project communities who want to make their voice heard in the Altcoin Buzz community. If you are interested in becoming part of our Community Speaks team please contact @Garrett59 on telegram.


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