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This is how blockchain mass adoption starts

Dear Altcoin Buzz Army,

I appreciate everyone of you taking the time to read my articles.

The last three articles had a lot of information in it, and for this one I decided to cut the writing short and show you a video of how the framework actually works.

Below is a demo video of Stefan Schmidt, the CTO of Unibright. The demo was released last week, and it shows an example of how easy it is to develop smart contracts on different blockchains, and monitor the entire process with the Unibright framework. This can be done by everyone WITHOUT CODING SKILLS. That and the information that you can connect existing IT-systems is in my opinion unique in the blockchain space. Please let me know if someone can name me a project who can do the same and is this far in development. Because then i will consider to invest in that project also.

So if you wanna learn and see how the Unibright framework works, take 15 minutes of your time, and watch the video. This is huge…..

The use case is Multi Party Approval, which could basically mean, a company wants to send out a product, but accounting, purchasing, and marketing all have to give their approval. Normally this would all go manually, but with Multi Party Approval, this can be fully automated. There are 9 use cases described on the website, please check them out at Companies using the framework can choose one of those templates or create one themselves.

Take care,

Jack, Unibright reporter

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