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Why Unibright is the Safest Bet This Bear Market (Announcement Inside)

Dear Altcoin Buzz army,

How is everyone doing? Before I will update you about, I want to say that my role at Unibright has changed in the last weeks. The Unibright team asked me to become an admin in the Telegram group. I’m very honored that I have been given this opportunity and I want to say thanks to the Unibright team for this opportunity.

We are experiencing rough times in the crypto markets. It’s not clear which direction Bitcoin is headed, especially with the uncertainty surrounding upcoming SEC rulings. In times like these, you wonder where to place your trust —  should it be in Bitcoin, Ethereum, security tokens, or something else?

In this article I will explain why my money is on Unibright, and why I think it’s the safest bet for all in this market.

One of the problems projects throughout the space are facing is a shortage of funds. They ran an ICO when ETH was high, and have held onto the tokens with the expectation that it would continue rising. But that didn’t happen, as we all know, and now those projects are stuck with ETH that is maybe 30%, 20% or even 15% of the value that it was at the time of the ICO.

That means the $30m they received during their ICO might only be worth $6m now, not taking into account the money they’ve already spent.

These projects might be forced to sell some of their own tokens to cover the costs of development, marketing, and so forth, thereby driving down the price of the token and setting them on a financial vicious circle.

Unibright is the exception. After the ICO back in May, Unibright decided to turn a large portion of their Ethereum into fiat, a decision that turned out to be well-timed, and has continued to reassure token holders and buyers.

But there is more…

The Unibright Revenue Model

The Unibright Framework is set to be product-ready by Q1 2019 (Unibright has always been ahead of their roadmap), and companies are set to start using it immediately. Thanks to this, Unibright will turn a profit through markets bear and bull, in two distinct ways.

The first method of revenue generation is called token recycling. In practice, here’s how that works:

Companies that use the Unibright Framework must:

  1. buy UBT tokens from the open market
  2. deposit them on the platform for the duration of their contract (taking the tokens out of circulation)
  3. spend them directly according to their Unibright implementation
  4. buy the tokens back from Unibright at a predetermined price

This recycling model offers the following advantages:

  • Increased price stability for the client
  • Lower supply of tokens on the open market
  • Most importantly, a source of revenue for the Unibright team (meaning they can continue providing and developing an awesome product no matter the market)

The second half of Unibright’s revenue model is a homage to the team’s roots. Unibright started out life 20 years ago as SPO Consulting GmbH, a team of consulting experts for business integration. Since many companies are still cautious about adopting blockchain technology,  Unibright will also offer consulting services and workshops on how to implement blockchain, and use the profits to propel the project even further (this hasn’t been made public yet, so you heard it here first! Details will be given by the team at some point in the coming weeks)

The SEC Stance on Security and Utility Tokens

There are many fears in the market regarding rulings from the SEC — will tokens be classified as securities and face extra tough jurisdiction? Naturally, this has been a concern for Unibrighters.

However, during the first few months following their ICO, Unibright has spent a lot of time with lawyers ensuring the UBT team that the UBT token could be classified as a utility token and nothing else. Like true Germans, they did a thorough job of this and solved all the legal issues before they could happen.

For anyone who wants to read more about these legal issues, please read this document:

If anyone wants to know more about Unibright, please come and visit us in our Telegram chat. Otherwise, you can look forward to the next demo video, and experimenting with our demo framework — which will be released before the end of the year.

When that time comes, I will let you know. Stay safe out there.

Latest update:

This week a new demo was released on connecting SAP to the blockchain. This is business integration at it’s finest. Please check it out.

Thanks again for reading,


This article was brought to you by a member of our Community Speaks team. The Community Speaks team is made up of members of different project communities who want to make their voice heard in the Altcoin Buzz community. If you are interested in becoming part of our Community Speaks team please contact @Garrett59 on telegram.


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