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Author: Dave Freuden

XinFin [XDCE] Hybrid Blockchain Update

Community Update:  21 December 2018

  • XinFin Community Questions & AMA page
  • Distributed Technology (DLT) in Post Trade Processing Forum
  • New Exchange Listings – XDCE now on 20 exchanges

XinFin Community Questions

XinFin community members are now invited to send in questions to the XinFin community managers via their Telegram Group  and the XinFin cofounders, Atul Khekade and Ritesh Kakkad, will be replying to these questions and they will be posted on the Medium Page.

This XinFin Community Questions page will be regularly updated.

XinFin and the role of Distributed Technology (DLT) in Post Trade Processing at BFC2018NA

On Nov 14 & 15, Chris Neill, Head of American Development, moderated a panel discussion on the role of Distributed Technology (DLT) in Post Trade Processing at the recent Blockchain For Finance Conference held in Boston, USA.

The Blockchain for Finance Conference (BFC2018NA) is a fintech-focused event sponsored by KPMG, Oracle, Ernst & Young and XinFin for 150 blockchain and finance professionals.

The panel included Mr. Sunil Challa, Director, Business Architecture, Barclays, Mr. Artem Korenyuk, Director of Business Development & Innovation: Fintech Strategy, DTCC, Gangesh Ganesan. President & Chief Technology Officer, Peer Nova & Todd McDonald, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, R3.

To see the video of the panel discussion please click HERE


XinFin’s XDCE token is an ERC20 token and is now listed on 20 exchanges. For the full list of exchanges click HERE

ABCC Trade Exchange:

On Dec 17th XinFin XDCE token listed on the ABCC exchange. This is the 19th exchange listing for XinFin after 4 exchanges listed XDCE token last month. Visit the ABCC exchange HERE

P2pb2b Trade Exchange:

On Dec 17th XinFin XDCE token listed on the p2pb2b exchange. This is the 20th exchange listing for XDCE.  p2pb2b is a multi- cryptocurrency exchange platform in Switzerland. It provides users with the ability to trade (buy/sell) cryptocurrencies on the platform. The Exchange main currencies supported are BTC, ETH, and USD.  Visit the ABCC exchange HERE

XinFin Community Newsletter:

XinFin has also recently launched a fortnightly community newsletter. The newsletter provides a regular update of announcements, media, events attended, exchange listings, etc, in addition to background information on XinFin, the partners and technology.

To join the XinFin Community Newsletter you can subscribe here:

About XinFin (XDCE):

XinFin is an open source hybrid blockchain platform for global trade and finance. Combining the best attributes of both private and public blockchain XinFin offers a scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain that is well suited for highly regulated industries and commercially sensitive data.

XinFin Publication:




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