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Continuum World’s Initial Game Offering (IGO) is coming on Seedify Launchpad on October 1st,2021. In this article, you will discover more about this game and how to get involved now.

Continuum is a fascinating universe made up of floating islands in a natural and futuristic atmosphere where you can accumulate a lot of resources. In this metaverse, players can build, explore, compete, socialize. Also, users can collect and earn from the abundant resources of the land.

On the other hand, this play-to-earn game combines MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) and farming which you can play for free. Here is a video preview:

How Does Continuum World Works?

Continuum world is designed so that users do not require any knowledge about blockchain to start playing, enjoying the immersive game experiences, and having fun. Therefore, users are represented as avatars. The more and better your UMi (your avatar) searches among all the lands, the more resources you will obtain, which will allow you to earn the native Token $UM.

The game takes place in a metaverse called Continuum, which resembles the Earth in some parts. Interestingly, it also has unique characteristics, such as unique vegetation, floating islands, and animals.

On the other hand, players will have opportunities to earn by doing the following:

  • Purchasing and farming Land with unique buildings.
  • Gathering resources while exploring the world.
  • Leveling up their UMi (avatar) with tools and custom inventory and selling it on the marketplace.
  • Staking the game token $UM, which will give rights to fee sharing and governance rights.
  • Participating in activities such as races with the world’s native fauna.

Continuum World

Source: Continuum World

Target Audience

Everyone can use the Continuum World. It can be accessed on smartphones and the computer. Also, users do not require any prior experience with blockchain technology.

We can attract millions of players who enjoy the farming and base building MMO type of games, with the added benefits of the NFT, cryptocurrencies, and ownership mechanisms.

Target audience users are:

  • Male and female under the age of 35years, who has a mobile device or computer.
  • Guild Managers: They will accelerate the player’s journey by purchasing assets, land and offering them to players.
  • Collectors/Investors

Continuum World’s Team

The Continuum team intends to build functionalities for the gaming universe in concurrence with the community. The Continuum universe will be fun above all else and have an immersive gaming experience.

Also, continuum World is built by Playchain Pte. LTD in Singapore, a team of experienced gaming and blockchain executives, is pioneering the gaming industry by adopting the latest trends such as NFT assets and a growing player-owned economy that can attract millions of gamers.

$UM Token

The in-game money of Continuum World is $UM, and it is the lifeblood of the game’s complex economic system. Players will utilize the $UM token to personalize their avatars and purchase land, unique tools, materials, and constructions.

Also, $UM will be used to upgrade NFT assets, getting access to content, and engaging in unique challenges and stakes will be further applications. The Continuum World Marketplace will also accept $UM as a form of payment.

Now let’s look at how you can get early access and buy $UM tokens through the IGO on October 1st. The $UM token’s price will be USD 0.015 with an initial marketcap of USD 843,750 and a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Get more info about the $IGO token here.

However, to get $UM tokens, you need to invest $BUSD in Seddify Launchpad. Where you for 1 $BUSD = 66.66 $UM. Below is the procedure.

How to Apply to Continuum World IGO Via Seedify Launchpad

Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem. They empower project developers and innovators via access to funding. They offer a complete support system to help drive the future of gaming and blockchain by enhancing community and partnership building.

Therefore, Seedify launchpad will launch Continuum World IGO on October 1st, 2021:

Continuum World Seedify

Source: Seedify

Firstly, to participate in the Seedify IGO launchpad, you need to complete your KYC process. Then, you need to have a sufficient amount of $SFUND for the particular tier you want, as shown below.

Seedify tiers

Source: Seedify

Once the IGO day has arrived, follow this guide to complete your IGO purchase. Your tokens will be sent to your wallet after dex listing according to the vesting schedule.

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