GeckoCon 2022 summary

On Thursday, July 14th, and Friday, July 15th the 2022 GeckoCon online conference took place. This was a great opportunity to join some exciting presentations. It was the second year running, and it was a great success.  That’s why we have a recap for you, right here.

Each presentation saw at GeckoCon had a moderator and 2 to 4 panelists. We covered the most important sessions. Here is a list with a brief description and a link to the most important presentations of this event. It’s well worth checking them out.

1) The State of Web3 

For the State of Web 3, we have part 1 and a part 2. This presentation looks at the Decentralized Future. Where was it, where it is in the present, and where it will lead us with Web 3. For instance, how will Web 3 impact our economy? This presentation kicks off the online conference. It is the opening keynote. Zhong Yang Chan, Head of Research at CoinGecko, presents it.

GeckoCon 2022
GeckoCon 2022
2) The Future of Stablecoins

All eyes on stablecoins looks at how fast stablecoins settled in crypto. They also took up an important seat in DeFi. Currently, centralized stablecoins are still leading the way. However, decentralized stablecoins are knocking on the door. This is where the innovation takes place. Here is where they experiment with ways to keep these coins stable.  How can decentralized stablecoin projects keep gaining momentum? What is the future of stablecoins?

3) Banking the Unbanked

DeFi is not only about high yield. Many projects also want to give an alternative to a bank to people. They may have a phone, but no bank. Still, there are many practical challenges to overcome. For example, high gas fees or stable internet connections. What solutions do some of these projects have to Bank the Unbanked?

CoinGecko conference 2022
GeckoCon 2022
4) Staying Relevant on Web 3

Imagine that your company is settled in Web 2, and suddenly, your competitors implement Web 3 and they are doing well. With web3, they can airdrop free tokens and attract early adopters. They can also manage to raise a few million.

However, if you choose to implement web3, your customers can start liking NFTs and tokens. What more can you do? How does the emerging crypto space change affect you? Find out how they can Stay Relevant in Web 3

GeckoCon 2022
GeckoCon 2022
5) What’s Next for DeFi?

The ‘What’s Next for DeFi’ presentation has a part 1 and part 2. The DeFi Summer of 2022 put DeFi once and for all on the crypto map. We saw swaps, lending, derivative protocols, and others come to live. Now we have multichain and algorithmic stablecoins. Or how about liquid staking? Find out from the expert panel what will be next for DeFi.

6) How DAOs Will Shape the World

DAOs are setting the crypto space on fire.  Its goal is to work towards a collective interest and organize themselves. In this article, you will find out what it takes to run a DAO. What is important, and how can they change the world? Can the panel convince you that DAOs Will Shape the World?

GeckoCon 2022
GeckoCon 2022
7) The Future of Liquid Staking

Staking can come in different ways. For example, self-staking vs exchange staking vs liquid staking.  Self-staking and exchange staking have limitations. Find out and understand what they are to fully appreciate what liquid staking offers.

For instance, it sidesteps illiquidity risks and centralization. The Future in Staking Belongs to Liquid Staking. We have part 1 and part 2 for you.

GeckoCon 2022
GeckoCon 2022
8) Project the Growth of DAOs

The DAOs are back, pretty much overnight. With huge treasuries to govern and many members to do just that. But who keeps track of these DAO developments? Who collects and organizes the date and makes sense out of it? Find out and see how the panel Projects the Growth of DAOs.

CoinGecko online conference 2022
GeckoCon 2022
9) The Future of Interoperability

Interoperability and multichain. These are the current main crypto keywords. Find out how the panel predicts a seamless interaction between chains with no gas fees. You don’t even know what chain you are on. How about this within just a few years? However, bridges seem to be the vulnerable part. How will this sort itself out? See how the Future of Interoperability is shaping up.

The future of interoperability
GeckoCon 2022
10) Bringing Crypto to the Masses

The DeFi ecosystem is complex and challenging. However, for crypto to go mainstream, we need user-friendly and simple ways to invest. Are there already dApps and other tools for mainstream adoption? How can we create a secure user experience and give peace of mind? Find out what is Bringing Crypto to the Masses.

11) Why Brands Need to Embrace Web 3

How can you get your audience to engage with Web 3? Find out how blockchain, the Metaverse, and NFTs can play a very important role. They can give brands a helping hand by engaging with their audiences. As a result, this will give them a competitive edge. Read why the panel thinks that Brands Need to Embrace Web 3. We have part 1 and part 2 for you.

CoinGecko online conference 2022
GeckoCon 2022
12) Why Every Business Should Build in Web 3

Web 3 is making waves in the crypto space. Talent is showing up in Web 3 from all over the place. New projects see the light of day every day of the week. What are the key factors that lead to success in Web 3?

What is the magic way how to deal with Crypto Twitter, memes, and Discords? Once you figured this out, how can you still be innovative? The panel has an answer to all this. Find out why they think that Every Business Should Build in Web 3.

GeckoCon 2022
GeckoCon 2022
13) Access to Web 3 Via a Decentralized Identity

The DID or Decentralized Identity is a critical technological primitive. It enables native Web3 applications. In the meantime, it also seeks to better protect users’ identities and privacy. This panel takes a deep dive into DID concept and the DID ecosystem. Find out how a Decentralized Identity Gives Access to Web 3.

14) Investment DAOs

Investment DAOs are simple Web3 investment clubs. That’s how you can look at them. However, that’s not all. How about VCs investing at the same time and forming/participating in DAOs? Does this structure give an advantage? More importantly, why does everybody want to join? This panel consists of Investment DAOs. Hear it from the horse’s mouth.

CoinGecko Conference 2022
GeckoCon 2022
15) A Tour of the Music NFT Landscape

We already had Art and Games. Is Music the next in line for NFT disruption? How can builders benefit the artists? How are they democratizing the music industry, just to achieve this? The panel will show you how artists will have more opportunities to interact with their fans. They can also collaborate more with their fans. So, here is a Tour of the Music NFT Landscape.

GeckoCon 2022

Here we are, at the end of the highlights of the GeckoCon 2022. Most certainly, it was an interesting conference with an emphasis on DAOs and Web 3. And rightly so. Other new DeFi innovations also came cruising by. For instance, liquid staking and interoperability. Lots of interesting information to dive into. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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