3 Ways Amazy Is Improving the Future of Fitness

As crptocurrency continues to gain widespread adoption, the many use cases of blockchain technology has been on full display. First, trends such as play-to-earn provided game players with a new way of earning while gaming. Notably, play-to-earn gaming gained popularity in Asia and was directly responsile for onboarding thousands of new people to the crypto industry.

Now, Amazy, a Web3-based fitness platform, has introduced yet another fun concept, the move&earn model which rewards people for physical movement. The SocialFi platform plans to incentivize fitness and healthy living as well as onboard more people to the crypto world.

The relevance of cryptocurrency has gone beyond trading tokens on exchanges. Instead, several projects are exploring how blockchain technology can solve real-life challenges. With Web3 being the future of tech, Amazy is unlocking new possibilities with blockchain.

AMAZY launched a mobile application for iOS and Android to support users in their fitness journey. The platform also debuted a learning site, the AMAZY Academy, where participants can learn about the crypto market and the move-to-earn model.

What Is AMAZY?

The app’s design is based on the idea of modernizing users’ everyday lives in order to encourage them to lead healthier lifestyles and introduce them to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The platform is backed by a team of experienced blockchain enthusiasts. For example, Artem Nikolaev, a founding member of Azur Games, is a co-founder of Amazy. At its core, the app seeks to integrate blockchain features with everyday human experience.

All users can own and trade their assets thanks to the open, user-owned blockchain that powers the AMAZY apps. Additionally, users can also interact, have fun, and work toward shared objectives in the AMAZY community. Rewards earned on the platform can be converted to real-life value.

AMAZY also has a marketplace where users can build apps and offer them for sale to experienced or new users. The best part of this fitness-driven app is that it gives users a mall-like experience. It provides access to variety.

The AMAZY team designed the platform to accommodate creativity from users. Additionally, users can transfer in-app resources to other parties or sell them peer-to-peer to others in the market.

Since AMAZY is all about fitness, it makes sense that the platform decided to create digital sneakers, which are NFTs wearable on the platform. Users can purchases these NFTs on the marketplace. There are different types of sneakers. And each determine a user’s experience.

The Move-and-Earn Trend

AMAZY is changing the Web3 fitness industry by opting for a move-and-earn approach rather than the usual move-to-earn model. While both models sounds similar, the difference is in their focus.

Move-to-earn is a concept that rewards consumers for moving. However, the majority of move-to-earn apps only prioritize payouts. On the other hand, move-and-earn places greater emphasis on the user experience and real-life value.

The app goes beyond  compensating people for moving. Instead, it prioritizes a pleasurable experience. This way, AMAZY encourages its users to embrace fitness. So, users receive extra value from the fitness app beyond monetary benefits. 

How Is AMAZY Changing the Fitness Industry?

AMAZY is offering users a chance to leverage Web3 for a more healthier lifestyle. The app is currently planning to introduce physical fitness trackers. This way, users can access real-time fitness data and monitor their progress while earning rewards.

The fitness app recently announced new milestones which would enhance its offerings and user experience. First, the platform has expanded its AMAZY-BOT service on Telegram which would now offer advice and help users purchase cryptocurrencies. Users simply have to write to the BOT to ask any question. This improved service seeks to foster a more informed community 

Secondly, the AMAZY app is available on both the Google Play and Apple stores. The app would grant users access to all of the platform’s fitness features, including earning opportunities.


AMAZY also announced an earning program with the crypto exchange, Gate,io, which would see users receive rewards for staking their AZY tokens. According to a tweet, users who stake one AZY will receive up to a 100% APR. The campaign will take place every Monday as a “thank you” gesture to users for their support.

AMAZY’s team will announce more updates in the coming weeks. The platform intends to make fitness a fun experience through an all-encompassing app.

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