On November 15th, at block height 556767, Bitcoin Cash split into two separate blockchains, Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BCHSV). BCHABC is championed by Roger Ver, who also owns Bitcoin.com, and BCHSV is championed by Craig Wright, alleged to be Satoshi Nakamoto (probably not). It is unclear which coin will prevail but BCHABC has more hash power than BCHSV does, as expected.

What was originally Bitcoin Cash (BCH) before the fork, will continue as BCHABC post-fork. They plan to implement a reordering of transactions (for increased block capacity) and code support for having greater interoperability with other cryptocurrencies. Most of the previous BCH developers, and Bitmain, will continue backing the coin.

BCHSV, on the other hand, will be increasing the block size to 128MB from its current size of 32MB. In an attempted shot at BCHABC, BCHSV claims to be the original Bitcoin vision.

“Bitcoin SV is intended to provide a clear bitcoin cash implementation choice for miners who support bitcoin’s original vision, over implementations that seek to make unnecessary changes to the original Bitcoin protocol.” -BCHSV announcement

Leading up to the fork, OKEx, Binance, Huobi, Coinbase (sort of), and Upbit all announced that they will support the fork. There is speculation that both sides had sold much of their Bitcoin leading up to the fork so their side can obtain more hash power than the other and this led to the drastic price drop in the past few days.

It is unclear which coin will become the “real” BCH and only time will tell. Too many people in the crypto space, it is just seen as pointless infighting and most users (especially new users) are completely lost (or don’t care) about either side’s argument. What are your thoughts?


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