rTrees project

How would you feel if you can save your money, with no risk and zero temptation to spend it while also helping to save the planet? This is what rTrees is looking to achieve.

With its Ethereum and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Dapp. According to DappRadar, rTrees makes use of rDAI which in turn encourages charitable donations.

With DeFi derivatives, users can earn as high as 7.5% APR simply from holding DAI. Developed in such a way that dividends earned are automatically remitted to a different receiver. rDAI is perfect for making charitable donations. The remittance, however, has to be made to an external ETH address.

It operates by safely locking your DAI in a way that it can be reclaimed at any time. In other words, it simply prompts your DAI to generate interests while it remains in your wallet.

Modus Operandi

First, it is important to note that rDai is backed 1:1 by DAI. And perfectly depicts what a DeFI project should look like. With it, users can easily lock DAI tokens and reclaim them using a smart contract. This, in essence, means that users have total control over their DAI and its earnings.

Popularly known as a zero-cost charity platform, rTrees is perfect for giving back to the planet. It has an incredible web design and accurately meets the needs of those looking to help solve environmental issues the world currently faces.

Below are steps to give to charity without spending money with rTrees

  1. You need Metamask. Log in with it to Uniswap https://uniswap.exchange/swap
  2. Provide permission for Uniswap to engage your tokens. Simply put, unlock your ETH and DAI.
  3. Convert all your ETH into DAI.
  4. Go to the https://rtrees.dappy.dev/ page and choose your most desired plant. With as low as 13 DAI you will fund the planting of 10 trees a year.
  5. Confirm the transaction and you are on your the fight track in saving the planet.

You can click on “Your grove” to view your progress. And can also lock more DAI in a bid to further plant more trees.

To reclaim your locked DAI, you need to simply withdraw your support.

Crypto, blockchain and charitable works.

rTrees is an example of the blockchain and crypto industry doing much more than just aiding financial freedom, control and inclusion. Over time the crypto and blockchain community have spearheaded praiseworthy activities and rTrees is definitely one of many.

From helping cancer victims survive, giving to the less privileged, charitable giving, to bringing hope to underdeveloped parts of the world. Also actively involved in helping to rebuild the Notre-dame, helping Australia survive after its wildfires and giving to China to help curb Coronavirus. The crypto and blockchain industry is clearly interested in making the world a better place.


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