Safe Haven, a company which is focused on digital inheritance, asset distribution and asset control, has repositioned its core structure. Now, it is operating as a Crypto Asset Management Technology Infrastructure Builder.

In a nutshell, Safe Haven (SH) acts as a solicitor which takes care of your assets’ access in case of demise. In June, it ditched the Ethereum platform and opted for the VeChainThor blockchain instead. The company emphasized that this move “allowed Safe Haven to work with experienced and impactful advisors.”

However, discarding Ethereum is not the only grand move by SH. The company has been continuously re-defining its market positioning and has announced that from now on it will become a “Crypto Asset Management Technology Infrastructure Builder” and a decentralized B2B2C Platform “which supports companies and blockchain projects, aiding their expansion within their verticals.”

The platform and its correspondent tech solutions will be made accessible to numerous stakeholders, which include developers, entrepreneurs, inheritance and trust professionals and others. This will enable stakeholders to use the protocol and create their own types of products which will be subsequently offered to their customers. SH believes that this move will allow the patented SD Protocol to become globally adopted.

SH then outlines three aspects of its self-definition. Thus, the company is a Crypto Asset Management and Control Authority. This means that SH builds various solutions for their users like wallets and develops “integrated controlling mechanisms.” The latter allows their customers to control their assets which are constantly safeguarded.

The second aspect is about becoming a”Crypto Financial Technology Engineer,” meaning that SH provides its Fintech solutions such as the already mentioned SD Protocol to their users.

Finally, SH is a “Crypto Product Engineer” which develops custom products like Hardware Ledgers — a tool that is efficient and easy to use.

The company ends on a note that “we believe our product is all-encompassing and the utilization of it will benefit the entire blockchain community.”


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