Top 3 DeFi Protocols in Cronos

Cronos is a Layer 1 smart contract blockchain. It has support for IBC (inter-blockchain communications) networks based on the Cosmos SDK. It is also  Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible.

Cronos is the first network to interoperate with the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems. This way, it supports DeFi, crypto trading, gaming, the metaverse, and NFTs. Cronos appeals to a broad part of the crypto market. One of the core reasons is the decentralized applications on it. In this article, we will introduce three of the top decentralized apps on Cronos.

Source: DeFiLlama
Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance is a decentralized multi-chain yield optimizer. It bridges different blockchains, but its higher annual percentage yields (APYs) differentiate it from other similar yield optimizers. Beefy uses smart contracts to automatically optimize the use of its AMM rewards and liquidity pools.

Beefy Finance
Source: Beefy Finance

Beefy’s biggest feature is its vault. This is where it allows users to stake and withdraw crypto at any time. The Beefy Finance vaults’ investing method, which accrues compound yield for tokens deposited in the form of reward tokens, is what makes them so appealing.


Our next dApp is a trading platform. Tectonic is a non-custodial money market protocol. It uses algorithms that execute trades automatically. Non-custodial implies that the user is still in control of the funds.

So, Tectonic allows users to participate either as liquidity providers or borrowers. The liquidity provided by LPs is used to create passive income opportunities. For individuals who anticipate the collateral to rise in value throughout the lock-in term, borrowing liquidity in an over-collateralized way is appealing.

Source: Tectonic

Here are a few advantages of using this project:

  • It allows users to borrow crypto assets without liquidating their original assets.
  • Traders can borrow some cryptocurrencies for short-term trading or yield farming.
  • It allows HODLers to generate extra returns from interest by providing assets to the protocol without their active participation in managing them.
Single Finance

Single Finance wants to enable users to make money safely on Cronos. DeFi is filled with risks. But Single Finance adds a layer of protection to Cronos. Smart contracts automatically compound the yield gained when digital assets are borrowed from Single’s lending pool and sent to exchanges like TraderJoe and VVS Finance together with deposited funds.

Single Finance
Source: Single Finance

However, to reduce impermanent losses, the non-stablecoin asset in each liquidity pair is hedged by the asset borrowed at the start of a trader’s position. Single Finance also calculates APY and applies a stop-loss mechanism based on the primary value in USD. This ensures that users only lose a maximum of 15% of their capital in USD.

The projects listed in this article have impressive performances on Cronos. We have other articles covering different areas of Cronos.

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