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DappRadar is all about tracking dApps. They host over 13,000 dApps, covering 48 protocols. You can explore, track, and manage dApps. Their main focus is on gaming, NFTs, and DeFi.

So, let’s have a look under the DappRadar hood.

What Is DappRadar?

DappRadar is your port to call when you’re searching for information on dApps. They offer accurate and quality data. For their search, they use a variety of parameters. For example, token volume, active users, and transaction activity.

In the meantime, they weed out fake and irrelevant data. This results in clean, actionable, market intelligence.

Information on Their Website

On their platform, you can find all data ranked in lists and graphs. For example, it’s great for statistics or finding out about user growth. Their website supports six menu buttons:

  • Rankings — They currently list 522 dapps here. You can find anything here. For instance, social, gaming, gambling, or DeFi, you name it. You click on any of the listed dApps, and you go into the nitty gritty. There are tons of information here, accompanied by graphs.
  • Portfolio — This tracks your tokens, NFTs, POAPs, and usage stats. It also gives you an NFT financial overview. Furthermore, you can find another five buttons here that offer more information. For instance, airdrops, an NFT value estimator, a token swap, a token- and an NFT explorer. They offer this on 3 chains, Ethereum, BNB chain, and Polygon.
  • NFTs — They cover 21 chains and offer you all the info on their collections. You can find info on top collections, top sales, NFT marketplaces, or top fractional NFTs.
  • DeFi — Up to 17 chains spill their information here. You can find token price, cap, TVL, or cap/tvl info. 
  • RADAR — This is their native token. You can stake it or be part of their governance. If you hold or stake at least 5,000 RADAR, you have access to the PRO version. This provides access to premium content and enhanced data.
  • Blog — Find insightful articles about all the dApps that they cover.

So, you can eat your heart out for your research in these fields.

Who Owns DappRadar?

DappRadar has two co-founders, Skirmantas Januškas and Dragos Dunica. Most of the time in searches, Skirmantas seems to be the owner. He’s also the CEO and joined the crypto space in 2017. In 2018, he started DappRadar. His background is in software development.

He is Lithuanian, and they based their HQ in Kaunas, Lithuania. There are currently 71 people working at DappRadar. However, many work remotely as well.

How to Use DappRadar?

You get the most value out of DappRadar’s data by connecting your wallet to the site. This can be your MetaMask or any other compatible Ethereum wallet. 

In the ranking, NFTs, portfolio, and DeFi section, you will also have access to lots of data. Metrics include, for instance, volume, TVL, daily users, and more.


Have access to over 500 dApps and their data. If you click on any of the mentioned dApps, you get access to lots of data. Clean and up-to-date that can help you in different ways. You can stay on top of all relevant information and data of new dApps. They offer information about:

  • Games
  • DeFi
  • Gambling
  • Exchanges
  • Marketplaces
  • Social High Risk, among others.

See the picture below, it shows the main ranking page. The various buttons are in the yellow box.


Source: DappRadar rankings page


In their portfolio section, you can also connect to three chains. These are Ethereum, BNB chain, and Polygon. This allows you to manage all your digital assets in one location. Your crypto coins as well as your NFTs.

There is still extra information available. You can find sections like POAPs or usage stats, as in the picture below. Furthermore, there’s also a token swap and a token explorer, as well as an NFT explorer.


Source: Portfolio page 


Find information on a massive variety of NFT collections. They offer over 14,000 NFT collections. Click on any collection, and it reveals tons of useful information. For instance, dApp stats, Top 5 NFT sales, or historical activity.

In addition, you can also find top sales, marketplaces, and top fractional NFTs. These are NFTs divided into thousands of smaller parts. This way, you can own a part of a top NFT collection, without having to pay the full price. You only pay for your fractional part.

The picture below shows additional information on the DeGods NFT collection on Solana.


Source: Their NFT page on DeGods


Find information about DeFi dApps on 17 different chains. It works in the same way as with other pages. Click on any chain, and you will see the Top 3 dApps on this chain. Click on a dApp, and you will find lots of interesting information. For instance, an explanation about what this dApp is about. But it also reveals historical activity in a graph or stats about this specific dApp. See the picture below.

DeFi overview

Source: DappRadar DeFi page

You can read the second part here.

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