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In today’s crypto world, there’s fierce competition amongst Layer 1 (L1) chains. In short, they’re vying for users and Total Value Locked (TVL) for their chain. Cronos is one such blockchain. Aside from its on-chain products, Cronos has an advantage over others.

It has got the backing of One of the world’s largest Centralized Exchanges (CEXs). With that, Cronos occupies the #9 spot for TVL rankings. So far, the easiest way to get its native $CRO token is via CEXs. Without further ado, let us guide you through the best 3 CEXs for Cronos.

CEX #1 –

First of the best 3 CEXs for Cronos is, of course, If you’ve heard the phrase “Fortune Favours The Brave”, you’d likely have also heard of this CEX.

The ad above was released during 2021’s SuperBowl. It was a message to the world to onboard more users to crypto. Yet, it also meant that is a CEX with deep pockets. It isn’t cheap to run a SuperBowl commercial, you know!

Apart from that, is also a huge CEX. It’s got one of the largest trading volumes. Not to mention, it also has a plethora of products and features such as:

Acoording to CoinGecko, has a solid 10/10 trust score. Your funds are less likely to get compromised on this CEX, compared to others. Currently, it has got a $284 million 24-hour trading volume. 255 coins are listed on its CEX, along with 493 trading pairs. For $CRO, you can trade it against major cryptos like $USDT, $BTC, $ETH or $ATOM.

To further assure users, has confirmed it has $3.73 billion of exchange reserves. This means that they’ve got your deposits, and aren’t misusing your funds. We could go on all day about But, that’s enough for now. Let’s scoot on over to the next CEX!

CEX #2 – Coinbase

Next of the best 3 CEXs for Cronos is Coinbase. Coinbase is one of the earliest exchanges in the crypto space. It has a simple User Interface (UI) for its website and mobile app. As such, Coinbase is usually the first choice for newbies to crypto.

Best 3 CEXs for Cronos - Coinbase

Similar to, Coinbase also has a suite of products catered to the retail investor. These comprise of:

Moreover, Coinbase has established trust within the industry. It’s a listed company on the NASDAQ stock exchange! CoinGecko reinforces said trust by allocating a 10/10 trust score to them as well.

Today, Coinbase has a 24-hour trading volume of $1.32 billion. It supports 239 coins and 551 trading pairs. Here, you can trade $CRO against $USDT, fiat USD or fiat EUR.

To end off, Coinbase has been improving its wallet’s connection to Web3. If you frequent on-chain Decentralized Applications (dApps), feel free to check out its wallet above.

CEX #3 – Kucoin

Last, but not least, of the best 3 CEXs for Cronos is Kucoin. Kucoin is a CEX specializing in low and mid-cap altcoins. Although it has been hacked previously, it has recovered from the incident. Currently, Kucoin has $2.86 billion of exchange reserves. Indeed, this means that Kucoin has its user’s funds safely stored. Naturally, it has earned a trust score of 10/10 from CoinGecko.

As of today, their 24-hour trading volume is at $1.07 billion. It has also listed a total of 732 coins and 1,274 trading pairs. That’s a really huge selection! Hence, many tokens can be traded on Kucoin, but not on other CEXs. Of course, that includes Cronos’ native token, $CRO. To buy $CRO, you can sell $USDT or $BTC on Kucoin using its trading pairs.

To be honest, Kucoin is a lesser known CEX compared to the others on this list. Despite that, it has no lack of features for its users. These include:

With these, you’re pretty much well equipped for the complex world of crypto!


To summarize, the best 3 CEXs for Cronos’ token, $CRO, are, Coinbase and Kucoin. Each of these CEXs cater to different users in crypto. We suggest you try out all 3 of them to find out which suits you best! To find out more on where else you can buy or sell $CRO, check out its CoinGecko markets page. It shows you a list of trading pairs and exchanges supporting $CRO.

The current price of $CRO is $0.089. Its market cap is $2.25 billion. Its max token supply is 30.26 billion. Out of which, $25.26 billion circulate.

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