Top 3 Centralized Exchanges in Polkadot

Centralized exchanges (CEXs) offer an easy entry point to crypto. As a result, most crypto users had their first crypto experience on a CEX. They require you to do a KYC (“know your customer”) procedure. Once you complete this, you’re all set to go. Polkadot’s DOT token is available on all major CEXs.

So, let’s have a look at the current three best decentralized exchanges for Polkadot.


Binance is currently the leading CEX in the world. According to CoinGecko, their 24-hour volume is $17.7 billion. That is 12.5x more than the next biggest CEX. On top of that, they have 69.2 million monthly visitors. This is almost 2x more compared to the next biggest centralized exchange. They offer 356 coins and 1,389 trading pairs.

Since the FTX collapse, exchanges have started to show their reserves. This is one way to reassure their users that they are liquid. Binance made their reserves’ data available to the public. In other words, if there were a “bank run” on Binance, they should be able to give all their users their money back. From the current top 16 CEXs, only four have not revealed their reserves’ data.

Binance also offers the DOT token and many other parachain tokens. In their “Earn” program, they offer the DOT token. Their “Simple Earn” program allows you to lock over 200 tokens. You can earn daily rewards with these tokens. So, Binance set up a Polka Zone. Here you can find some Polka parachain projects with their tokens. 

Binance currently supports seven projects. They offer flexible term lock ups with lower APR (Annual Percentage Rate). The locked term options offer a higher APR. DOT has the highest APR, currently at 16.9%. See the picture below.

Polkadot earn program on Binance

Source: Binance Earn comes in as 16th CEX on the CoinGecko list. Their daily volume is $978.6 million. Furthermore, they have 6.04 million monthly visitors. This is an interesting crypto exchange. For example, they can boast an incredible number of crypto tokens on offer. According to CoinGecko, they offer no less than 1,587 coins and 2,832 trading pairs. With these numbers, they easily outperform Binance in this section.

They also show their reserves’ data. This is a positive sign that should give you confidence in this exchange. The owner, Lin Han, founded the exchange in 2013 in the Cayman Islands. However, current headquarters also include Malta and Illinois, USA. offers two different ways to earn passive income with DOT. So, one way is with a flexible earn option. This has an APR of 0.88%. On the other hand, they also offer a 10-day locked lending option at an APR of 4.38%. Furthermore, they have some advanced trading options on offer. For example, futures-, leveraged-, or NFTs trading. However, it’s not possible to make fiat withdrawals. The platform’s legal status in the United States is also unclear. You can find conflicting information on their site about this. The picture below shows their passive income options for DOT.

Polkadot earn program on



Bitforex lists as 109th on the CoinGecko crypto exchanges list. Their daily volume is $990 million. They also have 3.22 million monthly visitors. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any information on their reserves’ data. However, they offer 209 coins and 284 trading pairs.

Besides spot trading, they also offer perpetuals trading. They also have an NFT marketplace and a launchpad for tokens and NFT collections. You can buy crypto with your debit or credit cards. Bitforex also has an earn program, but they don’t offer Polkadot DOT here. Here’s a short introductory video to Bitforex.


We looked at three of the best centralized exchanges in Polkadot. These include the current biggest CEX, Binance, as well as and Bitforex.

The current price of DOT is $6.08. Its market cap is $7.34 billion. There’s a total supply of 1.288 billion DOT. Out of these, 1.208 billion already circulate.

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