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According to DeFiLlama, there are currently USD 223.7 billion in TVL in the entire DeFi sector. Therefore, an important source of liquidity is caused by placing DEXs or CEXs on blockchains.

However, this can lead you to find higher crypto prices, fees and slippage. In this article, you will discover how OpeanOcean can help you decrease these costs with its latest update.

What is OpenOcean?

OpenOcean is a fully CeFi and DeFi aggregator that includes popular DEXs on public chains and mainstream CEXs. This decentralized platform currently supports the Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, TRON, and Ontology blockchain.

OpenOcean website

Source: OpenOcean

In other words, OpeanOcean is the most reliable asset-trading bridge that guarantees the best price, low fees, and slippage in the market. This is possible by these unique four features:

  • Instant spot trading between CeFi and DeFi platforms.
  •  Do cross-chain swaps
  •  Instant, low-cost arbitrage
  •  Leveraging the OpenOcean API to have a personalized trading experience

OpenOcean’s Atlantic Version, a Superior Algorithm to Maximize Profits.

The release of OpenOcean V2, called OpenOcean Atlantic, brings a slew of new capabilities. OpenOcean Atlantic operates on aggregated networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and Fantom. OKExChain, Tron, Ontology, and Heco are also supported. Later on, we will support Ethereum.

Users will benefit from increased returns that outperform any other DEX aggregator on the market. More importantly, all of these advantages are available for free.

OpenOcean Atlantic employs a superior algorithm and protocol upgrade set to trade for the most significant potential profits. The program uses a variety of characteristics, including decreased gas fees and slippage, as well as optimal routing.

On the other hand, OpenOcean’s researchers rigorously tested the Atlantic upgrade. Over 4,587 BSC test cases were run to see if the higher-than-expected results persisted. The results reveal that Atlantic is superior in 60% of the situations, providing a significant competitive advantage over other top DEX aggregators. The trading terminals will include new functionality soon.

Also, the OpenOcean team is improving the spot trading and derivative aggregations services. In addition, the team also explores opportunities for margin trading to enable greater capital efficiency in this trading segment. 

OpenOcean Native Token, $OOE

The native token, $OOE was launched in July 2021, and it has these three use cases:

  1. Governance voting.
  2. Trading function and services (gas and trading fee)
  3. Supplying liquidity.

On the other hand, $OOE has a USD 99 million marketcap, a 24-hr trading volume of USD 2.8 million, a circulating supply of 149.8 million tokens, and a total supply of 1 billion.

$OOE price

Source: CoinGecko

Also, it’s important to say that over 350,000 active addresses on the platform that holds $OOE. Therefore, you can buy it in KuCoin,, Decoin, BKEX, and CoinEX. 

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