Crypto Market Update: CRV, KSM, QNT, WAVES, BNB Price Predictions

Audius, a platform for music enthusiasts built on the blockchain, distributed 50 million AUDIO tokens worth millions of dollars to its listeners and artists. Talking of mainstream adoption, Audius is a leading crypto-powered competitor to various platforms like SPOTIFY, GAANA, WYNK MUSIC, etc. It rewards content creators and listeners with its governance token, granting them rights to vote on how their protocol evolves.

Audius caught the attention of a lot of new investors in crypto by streaming Deadmau5 and RAC on their Twitch channel. 75% of the rewards were distributed to content creators, 10% to listeners, 5% to song reposts, 5% to favorite playlists, and 5% to favorite songs.

Given the interest in music amongst the masses, this move has amassed social media traction towards cryptocurrencies and also opens the door for new investors in crypto. So if you love music, you might as well get paid for creating and listening.

Let us analyze some coins to determine their possible movements.

QNT/USD- Price Prediction

QNT price

QNT, which is solving interoperability and bringing financial institutions and enterprises to the blockchain, has seen a massive gain of over 50% in the past week.

QNT accumulated at the zone of $11 and jumped towards $13 first to form a support there and started targeting its all-time high value of $16.90. As long as the support of $13 holds, QNT price will push to reach its all time high value of $16.90. Failure to hold support of $13 could push the price back to $11.

WAVES/USDT- Price Prediction


WAVES is a strong coin fundamentally, given its recent launch of a forex exchange and plans to enter DeFi.

WAVES price is currently trading at a healthy support on the 4-hour time frame. If it can bounce from here, we can see a potential move towards the 0.5 and 0.618 fib at $3.40 and $3.70, respectively. Failure to hold this current support can push the price down towards $2.88.

BNB/USD- Price Prediction

BNB price

BNB, the native token of Binance, is undoubtedly one of the strongest coins in the whole crypto ecosystem fundamentally since its investors have the option to stake and participate in multiple launchpools and lanchpads.

It has retested the resistance of $31. If it can flip this to support, we can see a BNB price move towards $33.40. Failure to break the resistance could bring BNB price back towards $30 and $27.50.

KSM/USD- Price Prediction


We have seen a 50% rise in the price of Kusama once it bounced from the support of $25. It comfortably broke the resistance of $30 and is currently getting rejected from the upper resistance of $36. If this resistance of $36 gets broken, it can head towards $40, but we are more likely to see a relief towards $31 since RSI across many time frames is highly overbought.

CRV/USD- Price Prediction


CRV broke out of the 200 day exponential moving average on an hourly time frame and made a 25% jump towards $0.50 from $0.40. If it can break this resistance of $0.50, we can see a potential CRV price move towards $0.55. Failure to hold the current support of $0.47 can pull the price back towards $0.42.


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