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The DeFi ecosystem has seen growing pains, but it is already becoming evident how valuable it will be in the long run. Every innovation that shifts the paradigm is like this. Many Defi methods will fail the test of the bearish market.

DeFi is quickly gaining more users thanks to new protocols coming each month that provide massive profits with fewer entry barriers than traditional financing. However, securing dependable, long-term liquidity is a significant issue that has already emerged for DeFi developers. To effectively exchange tokens on DeFi, decentralized exchanges are required, and many of them raise seed money by releasing tokens to encourage the growth of the DeFi network.

As of yet, the simplest way for dexes to attract liquidity has been to promote participation by high yields that reward investors for their capital with advantages. A few noteworthy projects include Aave, Compound, and Yearn Finance. Let’s analyze some of the DeFi token price levels.

Aave (AAVE)

Aave is a notable DeFi money market project with a market value of $866M. A smart contract in its module grants trusted third-party lending protocols immediate access to create DAI to a certain pool without submitting collateral. MakerDAO, the protocol that powers the DAI stablecoin, decided on June 15 to momentarily block Aave’s DAI Direct Deposit Module as concerns about crypto credit shook.

Aave is able to manufacture DAI through the D3M, which can only be used to transfer DAI to its DAI lending pool. When the module is disabled, Aave will only be able to pay off its current debts and will no longer be able to manufacture DAI at will. Let us look at the AAVE price.

AAVE Price Prediction

AAVE Price

After failing to break the $74.28 resistance level, AAVE retraced to the critical support level of $51.8. AAVE must break through the $74.28 resistance level in order to become bullish once more in the medium term. AAVE must maintain its price above the critical resistance level at $74.28 in order to reach the level at $91.70.

Compound (COMP)

One of the cryptocurrencies that performed better than both other altcoins and investors’ expectations during the market recovery was Compound (COMP). First off, despite being one of the few altcoins to begin rising later than its rivals, COMP was nevertheless able to record an increase of 103.3 percent in just one week, driven on by the bullish indications of the massive market. Let us look at the COMP price.

COMP Price Prediction

COMP Price

The $56.50 support level was not held by COMP, and going forward, this level will act as resistance. Furthermore, it is unable to move beyond this key $56.50 resistance level. COMP can again reach the support levels of $34.50 or $16.30. If the bulls conquer and close above the $56.50 resistance level, COMP can aim for the $78 and $97.80 significant resistance levels.

Yearn.Finance (YFI)

In the DeFi sector, Yearn Finance is one of the top blockchain projects. Yearn transfers money between various protocols after receiving a deposit of tokens in an effort to maximize profits.

DeFi Lama estimates Yearn Finance’s total value locked (TVL) at around $548 million. Its previous high was nearly $5.7 billion, so this is much less. Despite Andre Cronje’s absence, the’s token, which has lost over 90% of its value over the past year, is still actively under development. Let us look at the YFI price

YFI Price Prediction

YFI Price

The four-hour chart indicates that the YFI price is moving toward bullish trends. However, although rising, it was unable to surpass the crucial resistance level of $7,022. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) has jumped above all moving averages and reached the overbought zone.

We anticipate that the coin will shortly turn around. If this happens, the next crucial support level to pay attention to is $4680. YFI needs to cross $7,022 in order for a short-term uptrend to defeat downward momentum. If it breaks through, the next significant level of resistance will be $11,045.

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