FTM: The new DEFI favorite.

FTM has been consistently growing in price over the past few months. Ever since it broke out from its consolidation around the $0.004 region, it has managed to grow 30 times in a year.

Fantom (FTM) provides a single platform for endless solutions. It is a high-speed, high-throughput, open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps.

Why Fantom?

Fantom is highly secure. Its validator nodes form a global, trustless, and leaderless proof-of-stake network. It provides a very high-speed transaction medium (transactions are confirmed in 1-2 seconds) at a very low price. It can process thousands of transactions per second and scale to thousands of nodes. Moreover, it is developer-friendly as it is EVM compatible. Ethereum dApps can be run and compiled on Fantom.


The increase in price of FTM started after Fantom Finance started gaining traction. On Fantom Finance, you can mint, trade, lend, and borrow digital assets directly from your wallet with near zero transaction fees.

Injective Protocol

Fantom entered into a partnership with Injective Protocol recently. Together, Injective Protocol and Fantom plan to develop synthetic products in the derivatives trading market.

FTM/USD – Price Prediction


FTM pulled a massive candle yesterday where it rose from the low price of $0.1 and went all the way up to $0.26 and retraced back towards $0.14 to form a weak support. As long as FTM stays above the support zone of $0.14, we could start seeing a move towards $0.16, $0.18, $0.20, $0.23, $0.26, and $0.36. Failure to hold the support at $0.14 could lead to a drop towards $0.10, $0.07, and a final wick down towards $0.05, which is a strong support area.

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