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The play-to-earn craze established itself as a trending sector in the crypto space. The success stories of NFT games like Axie Infinity and Cryptoblade have proven that play to earn games can be a source of livelihood. But with the growing popularity of these games, getting into these games has become very costly. For example, to play Axie Infinity and earn a livelihood out of the gameplay, one needs to buy three Axie worth over $1,500.

GemGuardian, the upcoming revolutionary NFT based card game promises to bring down this entry barrier. Powered by Binance Smart Chain, the gameplay revolves around Guardians battling each other. What sets GemGaurdian apart is its peer-to-peer live gaming and loot box lottery feature.

GemGuardian Overview  

The GemGuardian players need to complete battles and adventures. As a reward for the gameplay, the players will obtain Aura and earn a Gpay token, which is one of the two tokens. Another token is GemG which is a governance token. Both GemG and Gpay tokens could be sold on decentralized exchanges, centralized exchanges, or the GemGuardian marketplace.


A lootbox is a chest that contains a mystery gift. The players need to pay a small fee to acquire lootboxes that contain rare cards which can power the player’s gameplay and help him earn more rewards.



Staking Pool

GemGuardian players can stake Gemg and Gpay tokens or NFTs to earn token and NFT rewards. In addition to these rewards, they can earn high APR rewards.

Staking will take the Gemg and Gpay supply off the market leading to a supply squeeze and hence a price rally. According to the GemGuardian official post, the staking pool can sustain a 500–700% APR in-game rewards. And 300%+ APR staking rewards without putting any selling pressure on Gemg Tokens.

A high APR staking pool will decrease the circulating supply of both Gemg and Gpay tokens. As a result, the outflow of rewards tokens will decrease. In order to earn more rewards, the players will increase their gameplay duration and will continue to stake more. Also, the whitepaper mentions a monthly burn mechanism that could lead to an additional supply squeeze.

Low Marketcap

According to the whitepaper, the token generation event market cap of GemGuardian would be $210,000. This is very low compared to Axie Infinity that has a TGE market cap of $2.9 million. This puts GemGuardian in a strategic position as even a little amount of investor interest will explode the token return of investment.

Total Supply

Gemg, the governance token will have a total Supply of 100M tokens. These will be allocated in:

  • Seed sale
  • Private sale
  • Public sale
  • Team
  • Liquidity
  • Game incentives
  • Marketing
  • Burning,
  • and Foundation reserve.

The first public sale event of Gemg tokens is just around the corner. The team is conducting a triple IDO of Gemg tokens on BinStarter, Poolz, and Trustpad. The whitelisting is open for all three platforms. Click here for whitelisting details.

While you are going through this article our team is working on a deep-dive video on GemGuardian, why could it compete against Axie Infinity? Which IDO platform is best for GemGuardian IDO participation and how can you participate in it?

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