BRC-20 review

BRC-20 token economy is skyrocketing, and these 3 BRC-20 tokens need your attention. I dont know how else to explain this to you. BRC-20 tokens are making people rich. But most of them are memecoins. But there’s one HUGE benefit for the market from these coins. These BRC-20 tokens are changing the game for Bitcoin. 

Today, we highlight 3 BRC-20 tokens we really like and believe there is a ton of potential in them. And only 1 of them is a memecoin. Interested? Let’s take a look.


First things first. The Ordinal Wallets site is not just a place to get one of the compatible Ordinals Bitcoin wallets. It’s also the OpenSea of Ordinals. So it’s a marketplace too. You can’t use any Bitcoin wallet. You need one that enables the Taproot update. Then you can mint, buy or sell an Ordinal.

OK with that out of the way. Our first project is the Ordinal $ORDI token. This is an important project for BRC-20 and Ordinals. It’s the first project and by far the largest by market value. Its current market cap is $254 million.

And unlike the memecoins in BRC-20, there’s real value in ORDI and lots of it:

  • Each $ORDI is backed by 1 satoshi. A satoshi is the lowest value measurement for Bitcoin. 100 million satoshis = 1 Bitcoin.
  • $ORDI has value in being a payment coin within the BRC-20 ecosystem.
  • There are 21 million of them, just like Bitcoin.
  • Its current price is ~$16.

Here we are playing around on the Marketplace part of Ordinal Wallets. All 3 of our coins on our list today are here in this column available for sale on the marketplace. We see some important information here. All 21 million $ORDI are minted and available in circulating supply. That’s good to know. We see the inscription address, which we can check on Ordiscan to verify its accuracy and that we are not buying a scam version of this coin.

More About $ORDI

Next, we see prices listed by lowest price per $ORDI. Here that price is $16.30. But it’s for 5000 of them. The total cost is 3.02 BTC. One of the smaller orders on the page is 50 ORDI for a cost of 0.0318 BTC or a cost of $17.18 each.

Seeing this marketplace of orders shows us one of the differences between not having smart contract functionality. ERC-20 tokens for ETH has it. BRC-20 doesn’t. And that means you can’t interact with the contract and only buy 1 if you want. You can buy all of what they are offering or none.

You can search by price, amount of the inscription or by most recent. Most recent could be a deal to get some $ORDI for transactions later if someone minted and wants to sell some right away.


Our 2nd coin is a memecoin. So you know if we are talking about it, there MUST be something good. It’s not PEPE either. It’s VMPX. This might be the highest risk coin we have ever discussed on this channel. I’m not kidding either. Memecoins can go to zero just as fast as they can 200X.

That said, VMPX is a vampire-based memecoin project. Here’s why we are talking about it today

  • It has the highest number of contributors and holders of ANY BRC-20 project. Including $ORDI if you can believe that.
  • It has a market cap of $18.8 million and a price of 17 cents. Despite its low market cap, it has the 2nd highest volume of transactions in BRC-20 right now.
  • The coin’s creator, Jack Levin, is the founder of XEN Crypto. He’s one of crypto’s good guys, is the founder of the Fair Crypto Foundation and he has many, many fans in the industry. Some of you follow personality driven memes like when Elon Musk shills DOGE. Well, here’s an example of a real crypto guy with a side project he’s not even shilling. He isn’t but his fans sure are.

Have you tried Bitcoin Ordinals yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


Our 3rd BRC-20 coin for today is SHNT. Another coin with a 21 million fixed supply limit and another with utility for us. Notice how many of the projects have a 21 million token limit in tribute to Bitcoin.

So, $SHNT is a cool NFT project and VERY small. Its market cap is only $1.3 million and it trades at 6.5 cents. Here’s the utility part. You can use your $SHNT as an NFT research tool to search your satoshis in your wallet to see how rare they are. We’ve seen in the conventional NFT market how much rarity can affect the price. And having tools like this only helps get us closer to price discovery in these markets where we can get a true value.

Here due to its cheaper price, we see larger groupings of $SHNT available for sale like 5000 for 0.012 BTC or 6 cents each. OR 20,000 for 0.0509 BTC at 7 cents each.

One last cool thing about the Ordinal Wallets marketplace is you see on the screen here how you can go to Ordiscan OR Unisat and validate the contract before you buy. That’s a nice customer protection before you click on the ‘I Still Want to Buy’ tab to go and finish your purchase.

Make sure you have a Taproot compatible Bitcoin wallet and then you can check out Ordinals for yourself. As I shared at the beginning of the video, you can win up to $30,000 on Bybit or win a new iPhone 14. If you have any further doubts or questions check out this detailed video.

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