10 reasons to buy fantom

Can you imagine in the last 12 months, the native token of Fantom blockchain, $FTM, has grown more than 14,000%? That’s a 100X. But, even after a 100X $FTM is still undervalued and there is more steam left.

Therefore, in this article, you will discover 10 reasons why Fantom (FTM) has a lot of room to grow.

Reason #1: Designed to be Efficient, Scalable, and Secure

When the Fantom Foundation created its blockchain, it not only wanted to build a fully decentralized platform to solve problems inside the crypto ecosystem but that can be used for companies of different sectors worldwide. 

In other words, Fantom is a scalable and open-source blockchain that wants to facilitate global transactions with high efficiency and sustainability supported by the ultimate generation of distributed ledger technologies. In short, it aims to become a Powerhouse protocol.

And see almost every other day it is recording a new low on Average Block time even when the transaction count is increasing significantly.

Reason #2: Fantom is Different

What makes Fantom (FTM) different from other blockchains is its new consensus based on DAG technology. DAGs are structures that have been known in the mathematical and computer world for many years. 

DAG technology is even much older than blockchain technology. But,  they have recently come back into the limelight due to the technical possibility of building distributed systems identical to those created using blockchain.

But, why did Fantom pick this technology instead of blockchain? As more people use blockchain like Bitcoin and Ethereum, their inefficiency is becoming greater. However, with DAG technology, Fantom can process several connected nodes at the same time, which allows for much greater speed, scalability, and transaction security.

Also, did you know that the Arab Bank Switzerland has added FTM custody and brokerage and the TVL surging above $11B signifies Fantom’s technology and game plan is working well for it? 

Reason #3 Feature Packed

Fantom has distinguished features like:

  1. Instant transactions: You can make transactions in just one second and its cost is a fraction of a cent.
  2. High standard security: Fantom is a PoS network that operates with trustless nodes.
  3. Scalability: Fantom has a capacity of 300,000 TPS without sacrificing security and decentralization. Comparing it with other L1 blockchains like Solana that have 50,000 TPS, Fantom is creating a new paradigm in blockchain’s performance. 
  4. EVM Compatible: Fantom’s smart contracts are fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This means that developers can build smart contracts with the same coding language used in Ethereum’s ones. This is a very important advantage that will boost Fantom’s development.

Reason #4 Suitable for Multiple Use Cases

With Fantom’s transaction protocol, businesses from every sector of the economy can drastically optimize the performance of payments from their clients.

For example, imagine that a food delivery company is using Fantom’s platform, and a client orders food and pays with fantom’s tokens. Therefore, once the food is delivered, the platform will pay the business with the same tokens.

In case food isn’t delivered, the client can ask for food replacement or a refund. All these decisions will be automatically executed by Fantom’s smart contracts in a safe and fast way.

Finally, Fantom (FTM) can also reward consumers, businesses, and deliverers, depending on the strategy established in the smart contract. 

Note: In this case, rewards can include experience points to clients or upgrade in search ranking for businesses.

Reason #5 Massive Airdrops Coming in by Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje will airdrop his ve(3,3) tokens, one of the most anticipated projects to the Fantom ecosystem.

Users of top-20 dApps in terms of total value locked in the Fantom ecosystem will receive the airdrop.

Reason #6 One Billion-Dollar Incentive Program

Fantom announced a $1 billion incentive program and since then the development activity, the TVL, and Fantom use count has soared significantly. All this is working together to push the price of $FTM even higher.

Reason #7 Earn Rewards by FTM Staking

You can earn 14.15% APY by staking FTM tokens to contribute to Fantom’s decentralization. To get involved in this activity, you need to:

  1. Open/create the wallet.
  2. Deposit FTM tokens to your wallet.
  3. Select a validator and stake or lock your FTM tokens for a minimum of two weeks.

Also, you don’t need any specialized hardware. You just need a phone or a PC.

Reason #8 Earn Rewards by Running a Node 

Another alternative to earn rewards with $FTM tokens is by running a node validator. This allows participants to participate in Fantom’s consensus protocol to increase the security of the blockchain. These are the requirements:

  • Minimum of 500,000 FTM (approx $150,000 now)
  • Amazon virtual server EC2
  • Minimum 800GB of Amazon EBS SSD storage 

You can earn staking rewards + a 15% fee.

Reason #9 Entering New Markets

  1. Now, US residents can deposit, withdraw and buy FTM in Binance.
  2. With lighthouse storage, users can store files in a decentralized and secure way.
  3. You can also use ask loans using FTM token as collateral.

Reason #10 FTM Price Prediction

FTM is likely to revisit the support zone at $2.65. If the support at $2.65 holds, we could start seeing a move towards $2.87, $3.09, and $3.31. If the resistance at $3.31 breaks, we could see a move towards $3.63, $4.03, and $5.18. Failure to hold the support at $2.65 could lead to a drop towards $2.33, $2.15, and $1.98. See more information about price prediction here.

We believe that Fantom (FTM) has big potential and it will continue evolving. Therefore it would be a good start to get participate actively in this project by purchasing the FTM token and start interacting with its dApps. 

Moreover, join us on Telegram to receive free trading signals.

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