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Back in 2017, EOS was born as an answer to Ethereum’s scalability problem. Fast forward to today, there are many more competitors. But, if you’re a long-time supporter for EOS, then stick around!

Today, we’ll go through the top 3 EOS wallets to keep your $EOS tokens safe and secure. Now, let’s dive into Wallet #1!

Wallet #1 – Math Wallet

First out of the top 3 EOS wallets is Math Wallet. Math Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. In a nutshell, this means that no central authority can mishandle your funds. You and only you are in control of your own funds. Of course, that is IF you’ve got your secret key. Hence, you’re pretty much covered in terms of security.

Another great feature of Math Wallet is its support for many cryptos. As of now, Math Wallet supports a total of 143+ tokens! Out of which one of these is $EOS. So, if you’ve got a diversified portfolio, Math Wallet could be a great pick for you.

A last point we’d like to make is how accessible Math Wallet is. Indeed, you can access it with almost any device. These include:

  • Smartphones. Math Wallet is available on iOS and Android.
  • Browsers. It has extensions on Chrome, Edge, Brave, and other browsers.
  • Web wallets. You can create specific wallets of popular blockchains like Solana and Polkadot.
  • Hardware wallets. Math Wallet can integrate with hardware wallets such as Ledger.

Moreover, you can also stake $EOS directly using Math Wallet! With that, you can earn a healthy return, while securing the EOS blockchain. If you’re keen to use Math Wallet for storing your $EOS tokens, you can check out our previous guide. Also, you can choose to view the below video for some basic functions of the wallet.

Now, it seems like Math Wallet covers all grounds. But wait! Before you click the download button, check out the Wallet #2. It could be more suited for your needs.

Wallet #2 – Free Wallet

Next out of the top 3 EOS wallets is Free Wallet. Note that Free Wallet is not free to use (Pun intended). You do have to pay a monthly maintenance fee. Otherwise, the wallet is free to download.

Free Wallet - Top 3 EOS Wallets

What we like about the Free Wallet is its support for various cryptos. As of time of writing this article, Free Wallet supports a total of 300+ tokens. With that, you’d have no problems storing all your crypto here! That is unless you’re a degen or NFT trader. Moving on to their features, Free Wallet allows you to:

So, you can pretty much execute your simple trading, buying and storing of crypto on Free Wallet. If you’re keen on trying it out, you can download the wallet from the link here. For guidance on how to set up your very own Free Wallet, take a look at this guide here. Last but definitely not least, let’s move on to Wallet #3.

Wallet #3 – Atomic Wallet

Have you heard of a wallet that supports over 1,400+ cryptos? Well, Atomic Wallet does just that! Indeed, its the last wallet out of the top 3 EOS wallets that we will discuss for this article.

If you’re a $EOS holder, you’d have no issues using Atomic wallet to store your tokens. You can also use Atomic Wallet to store your other cryptos too, since it supports so many! Name any crypto, and chances are Atomic Wallet supports its storage and transactions.

So, what does that mean for users like you and me? In one word: Convenience. If you can manage all your cryptos securely in one place, wouldn’t that be easy for you? This brings us to our next point.

When choosing a wallet, safety and security if the most important aspect. The wallet must be a non-custodial one. Atomic Wallet falls under this category. This means, again, that only you as the user can control your own funds! Moreover, Atomic has a lot of other special features. These include:

  • Buying crypto with credit or debit cards.
  • Atomic Swap for on-chain crypto swapping. 
  • Simple trading of assets through their built-in exchange.

The only drawback for $EOS holders using Atomic Wallet is that there is currently no staking support. As of now, the team at Atomic Wallet is working on implementing this feature.

For a quick overview on the Atomic Wallet, you can take a look at its introduction video below. If you’re keen to set up a wallet yourself, you can refer to our previous guide.


Ta-da! That concludes our guide on the top 3 EOS wallets on the market today! Now the above 3 wallets each cater to different users. We hope we’ve helped you to choose the correct wallet based on your needs.

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