Top 3 Polygon MATIC Ecosystem Coins for 2023

Warner Music, Nike, Instagram, and Starbucks. These are just a few of the recent partnerships of huge legacy businesses diving into Web3 on Polygon. EVERYONE wants a piece of Web3 and wants Polygon to help them get it.

But Polygon alone doesn’t benefit from these partnerships. Their ecosystem does too. Who are some of the best positioned in Polygon coins for a great 2023? We found 3 of them. Stay tuned to find out.

1) Quickswap

Built on and native to Polygon, our first coin today is Quickswap. Originally a fork of Uniswap, it has many of Uniswap’s great features and a couple of added ones. A couple of us here at AltcoinBuzz believe Quickswap is THE smoothest swap experience. It’s also multi-chain.

It just works exactly the way you think it should. And it’s great with any Polygon or WalletConnect wallet, as well as Metamask, of course.

Why I Like Quickswap?

Quickswap did something very unusual. You see this often in the stock market but never in crypto. A stock split. Now you know a token is not stock but Quickswap did the equivalent of a stock split. A token split.

At its original hard-coded 1 million token maximum, the price was getting high. Some retail investors were getting priced out of buying the token. Now after the 1000:1 split, if you had 1 of the 1 million tokens, you now have 1000 or new $QUICK token out of its new 1 billion supply. This aligns it with other exchange tokens and makes it affordable for small investors to buy.

I usually don’t fall for that unit price trick where just because the token price is low that it’s a bargain. But this is a great move if they want more small investors to buy and hold $QUICK. Now they can at these lower prices.

More About Quickswap

You can stake $QUICK at Dragon’s Lair and get dQuick. dQuick means you can earn a portion of the swap fees that Quickswap is generating, meaning dQuick should increase in value.

And as I said, the quality of the product is a factor here too. It’s just a terrific service and the more people that try, the more people that will come back and use it again. A few other popular DeFi apps like Satellite Money for Cosmos aggregate Quickswap’s pricing to make swaps cheaper for Cosmos users too. Where do you like to do your swaps? Let us know in the comments below.

2) Augur

Augur is in the prediction markets area. AKA gambling. But this is event-based gambling like who will win an election etc. It started back in 2016-17 on Ethereum only and then made a move to Polygon that had a huge effect on fees and growing users.

In fact, the only bigger change they’ve made is going from paying out their REP token for confirming information to moving to Chainlink’s oracles for that info in a more decentralized way.

Why I Like Augur?

Betting is big business and this is one of the best platforms in crypto for betting. Also, betting is the big brother of financial derivatives like options and futures. There you create a position based on a certain outcome like prices rising above X or falling below Y.

Financial derivatives in particular are one of the big emerging trends in crypto. More and more traffic firms are coming to crypto to buy, sell, and trade. They want more sophisticated tools and the near-instant settlement that comes with blockchain.

And finally, Augur is one of the few projects in crypto where we can say this. All its total supply is circulating. There are no more new tokens coming into the market. No artificial pricing based on a low float of tokens.

You can get REP on Coinbase, Binance,, Kucoin, and Uniswap. Interestingly, it’s huge in Korea and the biggest volume is on Upbit for the REP/KRW (Korean Won) trading pair.

3) Kommunitas

Kommunitas is a Polygon native launchpad. This one absolutely falls into the potential high-risk/high-reward category.

Launchpads are out of favor now, generally. And many new projects are waiting to launch until the market improves. It’s understandable. But there will be pent-up demand for launchpads for projects once it’s clear the bottom is in.

Why I Like Kommunitas?

If you are American or have friends who are Americans in the market, you know they are often shut out of launchpads due to KYC requirements.

But Kommunitas is totally decentralized. No one to approve or disapprove you and no KYC requirements. Only buying and staking their $KOM token from any Web3 wallet. A completely decentralized launchpad marketplace where anyone can fund any project they want as long as they buy the $KOM token.

The token distribution is pretty decentralized too. Only 5% is going to the Team and 15%, the largest portion, going to both the Public Sale and for Liquidity rewards. V2 Staking is now available where you can earn a solid and realistic 10% return by staking your $KOM. And that’s while you wait to buy the project they want. That’s a good deal. You can buy the $KOM token on Quickswap, Apeswap or MEXC.

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