Benefits of the Core Wallet

The Avalanche blockchain has experienced significant growth and adoption since its inception in 2020. However, aspiring users faced challenges when moving their assets to the Avalanche network. Users had to rely on competing applications, such as MetaMask and Ethereum-Avalanche bridges. Bridges enable users to transfer assets between blockchains. They are also easy targets for hackers.

In June 2022, Avalanche blockchain’s developer, Ava Labs, first launched its own non-custodian wallet. However, it was only available as a web extension, which meant that crypto holders could only access it via personal computers. This month, Ava Labs moved closer to building a connected Web3 experience with the introduction of the Core wallet mobile version.

Introduction to the Core Wallet

Avalanche-powered Core wallet is a non-custodial multi-chain wallet designed to give users the highest level of control over their crypto. It is an operating system that integrates Avalanche decentralized applications, wallets, bridges, subnets, NFTs, and other features into a single, fast web experience.

The Core wallet supports Avalanche and other blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EVM-compatible blockchains. This makes the Core wallet the simplest way to access all of Web3’s capabilities on the Avalanche blockchain. 

Currently, the Core wallet is available to Avalanche users via a mobile app and web extension. In addition, the mobile app is only available for Android devices, with iOS compatibility planned for 2023.

Features of the Core Wallet

Here are a few features of the Core wallet:

Buy AVAX: Using only a few clicks, users can easily buy $AVAX from their wallet. The integration of MoonPay facilitates this feature.

Bridge: Users can bridge their native Bitcoin ($BTC) by leveraging the same reliable technology that supports the Avalanche Bridge.

Swap Tokens: With Core, users don’t only store tokens. They can use the wallet to convert between multiple Avalanche tokens. PareSwap powers the swap feature, making it possible for Core users to get the best rate in the market.

Ledger Compatibility: The wallet is designed to be compatible with top, secure hardware wallets in the ecosystem.

Portfolio: Users can see all their crypto assets in a single display, without adding token addresses or switching networks.

Account Switcher: Use the same recovery phrase to create and manage several addresses. With this feature, users don’t need to have several seed phrases for every wallet address.

Track Crypto Prices: Utilizing the wallet’s watchlist, users can track the changes in cryptocurrency prices in real-time using a single watchlist.

NFT Gallery: With full NFT integration, NFT enthusiasts aren’t left out. You can manage and display all of your NFTs directly from the Core wallet.

Benefits of the Core Wallet

The Core wallet provides several benefits for its users. Here are a few of such benefits.

Easy Wallet Setup: The wallet’s user-friendly design enables users to easily set up or create a new wallet.

Wallet Availability: The wallet has a web extension and an Android mobile application, which makes it readily available for mobile and laptop users.

Seamlessly Participate in DeFi on Avalanche: Cryptocurrency holders can easily take part in Avalanche’s decentralized finance applications by quickly switching assets between Avalanche, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

The lack of support for IOS users is a seeming setback. But the team promised to roll out more upgrades in the coming year. So far, the wallet has more pros than cons.

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