Where do you store your hardware wallet recovery seed? CRYPTOTAG provides you with a safe way to store your recovery seed for Trezor, Ledger, Exodus, KeepKey, Jaxx, and more. 

Storing your wallet recovery seed is extremely important! CRYPTOTAG provides you with a very safe and secure way of doing so. Their full titanium plates are fireproof, stainless and according to their website, the plates have bullet stopping powers.

The starter kit costs $ 199.00 which is a lot of money, however, you will get everything you need in order to store your seed safely. The kit includes:

  • Two CRYPTOTAG plates
  • Mjölnir, The hammer
  • An anvil
  • Letter bits from A to Z
  • A bit holder
  • Earplugs
  • Matches

CRYPTOTAG is very easy to use. First, you find a solid surface and prepare your recovery seed from your wallet. The plates are secured by a bracket which you need to remove in order to punch in the letters. After separating the plates, you place one of the plates with the logo facing down into the anvil. Then take the hammer, which is included in the starter kit, and punch the letters into the plate. You can also watch a video showing how to use the CRYPTOTAG by clicking here.

Whether you find this tool necessary or not is entirely up to you, however, if you hold large portions of cryptocurrency, I would highly recommend you backup your wallet seed with proper tools such as the CRYPTOTAG. It has a very premium feel to it, but I guess that’s a must with a price tag of € 169.99 excl. VAT.

Do you want a CRYPTOTAG? Let us know in the comments below!

You can buy it HERE.


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