Top 3 Wallets for Storing Kadena

Kadena is a PoW-based layer-1 scalable blockchain with a revolutionary smart contract programming language. Also, a proprietary chain architecture, encryption, and developer tools.

These features enable decentralized data sharing and transactions across many networks for companies, developers, and individuals. So, Kadena’s multi-layered architecture enables it to safely connect to other networks. Our recent article shows you some of the decentralized exchanges for Kadena. This time around, we’ll show you three good wallets to store your KDA tokens.

1) Koala Wallet

Koala Wallet is the preferred non-custodial solution for storing KDA and NFTs. Koala is easy to use and has some current and upcoming features:

  • Web extension compatibility,
  • In-app KDA swap solutions,
  • WalletConnect v2 capability,
  • On- and off-ramp aggregators,
  • Vast interactions with dApp partners in Kadena.

This wallet is suited for users looking for a safe approach to storing their KDA holdings. Koala has some good provisions for security and was successfully audited by Red4Sec. This ensures that users have access to industry-standard safeguards when they launch the app or conduct transactions.

Furthermore, Koala Wallet doesn’t keep or track any user data, providing full privacy for users. Koala Wallet also offers a smooth mobile experience and is accessible on Google Play and the Apple Store.

2) Zelcore

Zelcore Wallet provides a lot of options. This multi-chain wallet comes as Lite nodes. However, those in need of enhanced features like retrieving lost existing wallets and protecting addresses can move to a full node. The wallets provide built-in Changelly, ShapreShift, and Kyber Swap for users.

Zelcore was developed to provide users with security and control. With Zelcore, you can make swaps and buy cryptocurrencies. You can use Zelcore to buy crypto through a credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay purchase.

According to its website, Zelcore supports more than 18 different languages and allows you to trade over 1,000 trading pairs across exchanges and quick swaps for the best available price.

You can get this wallet on mobile on Google Play, and the Apple Store. It’s also available on the desktop (Windows, MacOS, and Linux).

3) Chainweaver

Chainweaver Wallet supports Kadena’s backend deployment, which is pretty good in terms of security. It could be complex at first glance, but it’s quite powerful as a wallet service. Unlike the other wallets on the list, Chainweaver seems more developer-focused. Chainweaver is available on MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

You can buy the KDA token on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Any of the listed wallets can help you store your crypto effectively.

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