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If you’re a user and supporter of the Zilliqa blockchain, this article is just for you! Today, we’re looking at the top three wallets that support $ZIL (Zilliqa’s native token). These wallets allow you to store $ZIL securely with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, they allow you access to other features as well. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in to wallet #1.

Wallet #1: Math Wallet

First on the list is Math Wallet. Math Wallet is a multi-chain wallet. Simply put, it supports many cryptos. Not just a handful, but more than 143 tokens as of time of writing.

Now, that’s a lot of tokens! This means that you can pretty much manage your entire portfolio on Math Wallet. Unless you’re a degen holding lots of micro-caps and NFTs.

Math Wallet for Zilliqa

Let’s talk about a feature of Math Wallet which we really like. And that is how accessible their wallet is. Indeed, you can use their wallet almost anywhere! For instance, you can use Math Wallet on:

  • Smartphones. Math Wallet is available on iOS and Android.
  • Browsers. It has extensions on Chrome, Edge, Brave, and other browsers.
  • Web wallets. You can create specific wallets of popular blockchains like Solana and Polkadot.
  • Hardware wallets. Math Wallet can integrate with hardware wallets such as Ledger.

In addition, Math Wallet is non-custodial. This means that no central entity can control your tokens. Only you’re able to access your funds with your own secret phrase. Hence, you can rest assured that your crypto is safe. It cannot be mishandled by other parties with Math Wallet.

If you’re keen to use Math Wallet for storing your Zilliqa tokens, you can check out our previous guide. Also, you can choose to view the below video for some basic functions of the wallet.

Next, let’s move on to wallet #2!

Wallet #2:

If you’re a hardcore Zilliqa fan, this wallet is perfect for you. Zillet was specifically made just for Zilliqa. So if you’re looking just to hold, stake, and transact with $ZIL, then we recommend Zillet.

Zillet Wallet for Zilliqa

When you navigate to their site, you’ll see a variety of ways to set-up your Zillet wallet. We recommend that you use a 12-word secret phrase to secure your wallet. That’s shown by the “Mnemonic Phrase” option above. Remember to write it down on a physical piece of paper and keep it safe! If you’ve got a Ledger hardware wallet, then choose the “Ledger” option above.

A good feature of Zillet is its simplicity. If you’re only looking to use Zilliqa, you don’t need any other features or coins to be supported. These would be just distractions to you. With Zillet, you can just focus solely on Zilliqa.

Furthermore, you can access Zillet from their website on mobile or desktop. Just key in your secret phrase and you’re ready to go! There’s isn’t really a need for an app if accessing the wallet is this quick.

As Zilliqa is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, you can stake its $ZIL token. Zillet also supports staking directly through its wallet! You can earn a healthy return from this, while also securing the Zilliqa blockchain.

Now, if you’re keen on using Zillet, you can follow the video guide below! Setting it up is so quick and simple. It would just take three to five minutes of your time, tops.

Finally, let’s segue to Wallet #3!

Wallet #3 – Atomic Wallet

But, what if you want the best of both worlds? You want to manage multiple cryptos while being able to stake $ZIL. In this case, do we have the wallet for you!

Atomic Wallet for Zilliqa

Enter the Atomic Wallet. Atomic Wallet has been on the block since 2017. What makes it really useful is that it supports a ton of cryptos. As of now, they support a whopping 1,400+ crypto assets on their wallet. So, there’s literally no asset that you can’t store on their wallet, including Zilliqa’s $ZIL token.

What’s more, you could also stake your $ZIL through Atomic Wallet directly. In this way, you can help secure the Zilliqa blockchain, while your $ZIL coins are safe in your Atomic Wallet.

Atomic Wallet for Zilliqa Staking

Moreover, Atomic has a lot of other special features. These include:

  • Buying crypto with credit or debit cards.
  • Atomic Swap for on-chain crypto swapping. 
  • Simple trading of assets through their built-in exchange.

Most importantly, Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial wallet as well. This means, again, that only you as the user can control your own funds!

For a quick overview on the Atomic Wallet, you can take a look at its introduction video below. If you’re keen to set up a wallet yourself, you can refer to our previous guide.


Voila! That concludes our guide for the top three wallets that support Zilliqa’s $ZIL token. The top three wallets here cater to different users, depending on their needs. So, we hope that we could help you to choose the wallet most suitable for yourself as a $ZIL holder!

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